Results: ARA 7k

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #Boat typeClub (Crew)Race timePrognostic %Prev best prog
9Mst M 1xSGEC0:31:2988.86%
Sen W 2xAKLC (Tina Duff-Dobson)0:29:2287.89%
2U16 M 1xWTMC0:30:4987.03%91.35%
Mst M 1xAKLC (Cawood)0:32:3685.82%87.11%
2Mst W 4+SGEC0:31:5185.38%
Mst M 2xAKLC (Keith Hibberd)0:30:2285.19%
6Mst W 2-SGEC0:35:5883.82%
4Club W 1xWTMC0:33:3583.71%
3Club/U19 W 2xWTMC0:32:1980.94%83.17%
4Mst Mix 4xSGEC0:30:5179.78%
Club W 1xAKLC (Lucy)0:35:3978.86%
3Mst Mix 4xSGEC0:31:2378.43%
Club M 4xAKLC (Roger Giese)0:28:4977.56%
1U17 M 8+WTMC0:27:2877.51%
1Mst M 4xSGEC0:30:2074.97%
5U15 W 4+WTMC0:36:2374.75%
5Mst W 4xSGEC0:36:2373.71%
6U17 M 2xWTMC0:35:3569.61%
0Mst M 2xSGEC0:37:1269.54%
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