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Results: Bridge 2 Bridge 10km Rowing Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubCrewClassRace TimePlace
A2CTYCUnknownM Clb 8+35:271
5NZDFKings Cup crewMx Mst 8+36:252
B3UNCCHeliosMx Mst 8+37:113
A4STANAlexB 8+37:214
A6SHIRLachie KendrickB 8+38:045
A7STANOscarB 8+38:046
C1AVNCJake LuthiM Clb 4X38:137
A1compositeUnknownW 8+39:258
C6CURCOliveMx 4X39:259
C3SHIRJack RobinsonB 4X40:3110
C5ASHCUnknownMx 4X41:1511
1UNCCGreg McLauchlanM 1X41:1712
A5CURCHudson JasonMx Clb 8+42:0013
A3SHIRWill ParkerB 8+43:1914
B1CTYCUnknownW Int 8+43:5515
C2UNCCLeanderM Mst 4X44:0016
B7UNCCArtemisMx Mst 8X+44:0517
B2UNCCHermesW Mst 8+44:0918
C4BLECMouseMx Mst 445:4819
D1BLECKeithMx Mst 4X46:3820
B5CURCUnknownW 8+47:2221
D6STANMillieG 4X47:3722
B6UNCCOlympiaW Mst 8X+47:4623
D2ASHCUnknownMx Mst 4X48:2024
2BURNSharna RossG U17 2X48:2225
3CURCDerek & DaveM Clb 2X49:2726
D3CURCGendyW Mst 4X50:1427
D5AVNCUnknownMx Mst 4X51:2028
D4AVNCUnknownMx Mst 4X51:2629
4BURNZeda Mata'uG U16 2X60:0930

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