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Results: DARC Long Eights (Cromwell to Clyde)

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Place Boat# Club Class Crew name Race time
1st44NOECB U19 4-B.Sinnamon01:05:49.43
2nd61NOECB U17 8+H.Brenssell01:06:06.75
3rd60STANB U16 8+G.Rutledge01:06:14.74
4th10OGUCW 2-H.Duggan01:06:31.18
5th42INVCM 4X-D. Milford01:07:00.78
6th47RONCB U18 4X+B.McDowell01:07:11.54
7th46OTACM 4XW. Turner01:07:51.23
8th49INVCB U17 4X+C. Thwaites01:08:35.44
9th52COLUG U18 8+M.Darling01:09:25.25
10th20OGUCM 2XJ.Evans01:09:28.32
11th31DUACG U18 4X-M. Turfus01:10:38.27
12th53NOECG U18 8+G. Beattie01:11:02.37
13th40DUACB U16 4X+F.Geddes01:11:10.99
14th63WHOCB U17 8X+L O'Conner01:11:12.61
15th51DUACG U16 8X+S.Williamson01:11:22.84
16th12OGUCW 2XWilden-Palms01:11:54.50
17th41NOECB U17 4X+H. Booth01:12:22.84
18th48NOECB U17 4X+T. Drummond01:12:58.34
19th27NOECB U19 2XM. Anderson01:13:23.49
20th32DUACG U17 4X-A Cook01:13:27.69
21st8WNKCB U18 1XR. Bruce01:13:44.63
22nd36WHOCG U17 4XS. Nally01:14:05.52
23rd26OTACB U18 2XJesse K01:14:14.33
24th45CROCM 4XMaude01:15:15.58
25th5NOECB U19 1XJ. Laney01:15:19.83
26th54WHOCG U18 8X+S Townshend01:15:48.15
27th50DUACG U16 8X+S.Smith01:15:56.34
28th30NOECG U19 4X+K.Atkinson01:16:02.75
29th21OTACM 2XJ. Mclaughlin01:16:13.15
30th38WHOCG U16 4X+E Fry01:16:21.19
31st16CROCW Mst 2XNat01:16:32.82
32nd25RONCG U16 4X+L.Sandri01:17:25.26
33rd15DUACB U16 2XT mullerly01:17:49.12
34th33INVCW 4X-I. Souness01:18:39.91
35th62WHOCB U17 8X+H Turnbull01:19:15.11
36th23DUACMx Mst 4X-T.Stiles01:19:49.31
37th39NOECG U17 4X+T. Mason01:19:57.74
38th3RONCB U16 1XJ.Gibbs01:19:59.91
39th35NOECW 4X-P.Farrell01:20:07.42
40th14OTACG U18 2XHaylee.B01:21:01.23
41st13OTACG U18 2XBailey01:21:30.80
42nd37NOECG U17 4X+C.Mclay01:21:53.29
43rd6OTACB U18 1XSam. W01:22:37.12
44th24DUACM Mst 4X-Peter01:23:23.78
45th1AWRCM Mst 1XF.Dean01:25:48.87
46th2RONCG U16 1XR.Young01:25:57.45
47th29OTACMx Mst 4XCharlie01:25:58.61
49th28OTACM 2XBen H01:29:57.72
50th34NOECG U16 4X+H.Deblecourt01:30:06.81
51st22OTACW Mst 4XCarolyn01:32:58.04
- 4INVCM Mst 1XR. WilksScratched
- 7OTACG U18 1XAnnie BScratched
- 9TWLCMx Mst 2XGardnerScratched
- 11OGUCW 2XHomanScratched

Results courtesy: Steve Garratt

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