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Results: Cure BC Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

The race was held in perfect conditions after flood conditions on the Waimakariri as recently as Thursday made the likelihood of the race doubtful. 30 crews competed. The No 1 mens club 8 from Avon won line honours and took the fastest time. Their time was 24:42.05.

Rowing Celebration has an album of photos on Facebook from the racing.

Boat #ClubCrewLine honoursRace timePlace on timePlace in Division
Div 1Masters & Club 1X 
A1RRGSWM 1X2434:20251
Div 2Masters 4X & 2X 
B4CURCWM 4X2031:50202
B3UNCCMx nov 4X2534:05244
B2UNCCW nov 4X+2836:59275
Div 4Boys 4X & 2X 
B6STCC 14X+326:3161
B5STCC 24X+627:1992
B8STCC 34X+1128:59143
B9CHCCU18 2X1229:32164
B7STCC 44X+2233:16225
Div 4Boys 8 
C5STANU17 8225:4421
C8STANU16 8827:0073
C7SHIRB 81027:29104
C4AVNCWM 82633:20235
Div 5Masters 8 
C2UNCC 3WM82332:38213
Div 6Club WM 8 
D4CURCWM Club 81528:56132
D1RRGS 2WM 81629:28153
D3ASHBWM Club 81729:45174
Div 7Club M 8 
D7AVNCClub 8124:4211
D6CTYCClub 8425:1932
E5CURCM Club 8725:5343
D8AVNC 2M 81327:57114

Results courtesy: C Kappelle & P Midgely

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