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Results: CURC 150th Anniversary

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Regatta report

The Cure 500 was held over 500 metres. It started at 11:30 and finished on time at 3:15. We had 4 events on the day with total of 94 rowers competing.

A new format of round-robin match-racing was used. The concept is match-racing against another crew. The winner receives 10 points the loser receives 5 points. The crews race down and swap around and race back against another crew.

Events were split into heats to reduce the total number of races required. Each crew races every other crew in the heat. The winners of each heat match race for the overall winner.

The match-racing format was well-received by the rowers and was good for the spectators.

At the end of each event we had a prize giving with first and second receiving a winning ribbon.

Report details courtesy: P Midgely

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