Notices: Maadi

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2016 Maadi.

Scratchings & Crew Changes

Scratchings and Crew Changes are now available by email, however we would prefer that you use the Secretary's Office during 'office hours'.
After the heats any crew change requires a medical certificate. Medical crew changes must be submitted at the Secretary's Office.

2016-04-06 13:45:51
'DRAFT' Monday Daysheet

the 'DRAFT' Daysheet can now be viewed online and at the Secretary's Office.

2016-04-02 17:45:43
Supplementary Entries

The per school per event entry limit will be raised at 10am on Monday 28th March, and at the same time the number of spaces available for Double Scull events will be reduced so that only spare lanes will be available rather than a maximum of 64 entries per event. If you require a second entry in a Double Scull event you should enter the crew asap.

2016-03-27 19:12:00
Entries opening soon

Entries will open as soon as the final version of the Conditions is available.

2016-03-14 13:54:24
Entry limits

Entry limits are the same as 2015. There are per-school entry limits on all events.
- Doubles: 1 crew
- Singles: 2 crews
- Other boats: 4 crews

2015-12-19 11:22:43
User log in

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You only require a rowIT login for running regattas or if you have been given the job of making entries for an organisation.


Clubs. If you only have a password for the RowingNZ website then you will need a rowIT login so please contact us.

Schools. If you have a password provided by NZSSRA then you should log in through the school rowing website.