Events: Maadi

This is the programme of events for the 2022 Maadi.

# Event type
1 Boys under-17 single sculls
2 Girls under-17 coxed four
3 boys under-15 double sculls
4 girls under-15 coxed quadruple sculls
5 Boys under-18 coxless pair oars
6 Girls under-18 double sculls
7 Boys under-16 coxed quadruple sculls
8 Girls under-16 single sculls
9 Boys under-18 novice double sculls
10 girls under-18 novice coxed eight
11 Boys under-17 coxed eight
12 Girls under-17 coxed quadruple sculls
13 boys under-15 coxed octuple sculls
14 girls under-15 coxed four
15 Boys under-18 coxed quadruple sculls
16 Girls under-18 coxless pair oars
17 Boys under-16 coxed four
18 Girls under-16 coxed eight
19 boys under-18 novice coxed eight
20 Girls under-18 novice double sculls
21 Boys under-17 double sculls
22 Girls under-17 single sculls
23 girls under-15 coxed octuple sculls
24 boys under-15 coxed eight
25 Boys under-18 coxed four
26 Girls under-18 coxed four
27 Girls under-16 coxed quadruple sculls
28 Boys under-16 double sculls
29 Girls under-18 single sculls
30 Boys under-18 single sculls
31 girls under-15 double sculls
32 boys under-15 coxed quadruple sculls
33 Girls under-17 coxed eight
34 Boys under-17 coxed four
35 Girls under-18 novice coxed quadruple sculls
36 Boys under-18 novice coxed four
37 Girls under-16 coxed four
38 Boys under-16 coxed eight
39 Girls under-17 coxless pair oars
40 Boys under-17 coxless pair oars
41 Girls under-18 coxed quadruple sculls
42 Boys under-18 double sculls
43 girls under-15 coxed eight
44 boys under-15 coxed four
45 Girls under-17 double sculls
46 Boys under-17 coxed quadruple sculls
47 Girls under-18 novice coxed four
48 Boys under-18 novice coxed quadruple sculls
49 Girls under-16 double sculls
50 Boys under-16 single sculls
51 Girls under-18 coxed eight
52 Boys under-18 coxed eight
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