Draft day sheet: Mercer Club Regatta

This is the day sheet for the 2018 Mercer Club Regatta.

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The following day sheet is a DRAFT ONLY and subject to change without notice.

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Saturday, 8th December 2018

Alpha Time Event   Division Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
A 08:00 1A B U17 1XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1
B 08:05 1A B U17 1XRace: 2HKIC2HKIC2
S 09:15 8A G U16 1XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1
T 09:20 8A G U16 1XRace: 2HKIC2HKIC2HKIC3HKIC3
C 10:05 14A B U18 4X+Race: 1HKIC1HKIC1
K 10:45 19A B U17 2XRace: 2HKIC1HKIC1
M 10:50 20A G U17 1XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1
N 10:55 20A G U17 1XRace: 2HKIC3HKIC3HKIC2HKIC2
X 11:35 25A G U16 4X+Race: 2HKIC1HKIC1
C 11:55 27A G U18 1XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1
F 13:00 28A B U18 1XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1
U 14:00 35A G U18 4X+Race: 1HKIC1HKIC1
W 14:05 36A B U18 2XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1HKIC2HKIC2
X 14:15 36A B U18 2XRace: 2HKIC3HKIC3
J 15:10 44A G U16 2XRace: 1HKIC1HKIC1

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