Notices: N.I. Rowing Champs

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2021 North Island Rowing Championships.

Colours = club colours

All entries are being made by clubs and RPCs. No schools are entering the regatta as schools. Therefore, all crews are to wear their club colours (or RPC colours, if appropriate).

Note: rowIT's dual-entity recognition will allow some school crews to be identified within club entries online. But those crews are entered by and representing their club. So they will be racing in club colours.

2021-01-11 15:16:27
Club Fours

At yesterday's SGM NZRA's Members unanimously decided to replace the Club Coxed Four events that are usually run at Nationals with Club Coxless Four events. The Club-grade fours events had been showing in the programme of events for this regatta as cox-optional. But they will now be offered as Coxed Fours (59C, 94C), for clubs that are not ready to transition to coxless boats, and Coxless Fours (59U, 94U), for clubs preparing for Nationals. Medals will be awarded for both variations of the fours.

2020-12-15 13:48:54
Intermediate Octuples

Intermediate Octuples are not part of the programme of events for Nationals so were not included in the ability-grade blocks in this year's programme of events. After being petitioned by stakeholders who did not want to lose those events after already training for them and racing them this Season (instead of Intermediate Eights) Karapiro Rowing has added them into the programme of events. Because the events are not already in Nationals' block structure they do not fit in that programme without causing clashes somewhere. So they are being offered as an alternative to Intermediate Eights. Medals will be awarded for both the Eights (2E, 19E) and the Octuples (2O, 19O)

2020-12-15 13:43:03

The planned 2021 North Island Rowing Championships is evolution of the 2020 North Island Club Championships; not a revolution.

>> 4-day regatta (Fri-Mon)
>> Overlapping 3-day age group (Fri-Sun) and ability grade (Sat-Mon) programmes of events
>> N18 added to age-group events; school teams within clubs no longer have to attend all 4 days
>> Ability grade changed to use proposed new Nationals block-style programme of events.
>> Age-group and ability grade have matching progression systems.
>> Threshold for semi-finals raised from 4 heats to 5 heats.
>> Preliminary races (voluntary) for events with straight finals.
>> Seeding will be used to try and increase the odds of the best crews reaching the finals.
>> Per rower entry limit still 3; except rowers in 2 small boats can't have a 3rd event.
>> Per entity limit 2 for singles and doubles. But schools within clubs will be able to add one crew each to their club's entries.

2020-11-12 15:34:19
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