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A Final
gold medal
Crew #1 RPCS
Hamish Bond (stroke) (NOEC), James Lassche (AVNC), Stephen Jones (WESC), Tom Mackintosh (AVNC), Mark Taylor (OAMC), Zackary Rumble (AVNC), Nathan Luff (CTYC), Will Gilbert (CTYC) + Sam Bosworth (cox) (AVNC)
Coached by: John O'Connor
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RPC* strip RPC*
Crew #1 RPC*
Flynn Watson (stroke) (WKOC), Tracie McLaren-Taplin (TGAC), Manawa McLaughlin (CLIC), Shaun Kirkham (WKOC), James Scott (TGAC), Jonte Wright (WKOC), William Thompson (WKOC), Seth Hope (CAMC) + Caleb Shepherd (cox) (WKOC)
Composite crew. 
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silver medal
MER* strip MER*
Crew #1 MER*
Ethan Alderlieste (stroke) (MERC), James Hall (MERC), Alex McRobbie (MERC), Andrew Annear (TGAC), Jason Nel (CAMC), Guy Thomson (AWGC), Elliot Janissen (TGAC), Jonty Thomson (AWGC) + Brooke Houston (cox) (CAMC)
Composite crew. Coached by: Murphy Waters
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