Notices: NZ Masters Champs

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2015 NZ Masters Champs.

Results temporarily unavailable

Due to technical issues at the regatta venue South Island Rowing are currently unable to upload results to rowIT. We hope that can be resolved or worked around and the normal results service will resume soon.
update 1: it appears there is no easy fix and results updates will be unavailable for the remainder of the day.
update 2: the fix required waiting until racing was complete for the day. But the whole day's results have now been uploaded.

2015-09-19 16:45:54
Nominations for South & North Island Crews

Nominations are open for the South V North Islands quads and eights
Here is the new link for the nomination form:

2015-08-12 14:51:05
2 regattas in 1

On the Saturday of racing the Tertiary Regatta will also be taking place on the Lake. Its races will happen during the gaps between blocks.

2015-08-07 13:19:31
Programme updated

The programme of events has been updated to include Novice events and mixed fours. Event order within some event groups has also been re-arranged a little.

2015-08-03 13:49:00
New format

The regatta has been broken into blocks of events with a break between each block.

There should be at least one event in each block for every rower.

Single-sex events will be run as finals. Heats, if required, will be run at the start of their block; before the finals begin for that block.

Mixed-sex events will be run as divisions. These will be the last races in each block. Place getters (1st to 3rd) in each division will be awarded medals.

2015-08-03 13:46:33
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