Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1A: Junior Boys' Eight
12OBHS 1B Sinnamon, T Hogan, A Roydhouse, S Dippie, L Guthrie, B Alexander, B Cotter, G Thomas + H Sinclair (cox)
23JMCGL Chittock, T Grave, T Mee, W Kirkwood, O Sidey-Moore, J Gibbons, D Neild, H Hassleman + J Preston (cox)
31KHSD 1M Anderson, M Booth, J MacKenzie, S Van Der Weerden, C McGrath, M Freeman, Q Hawthorne, P Whiley + Bryn (cox)
Event 2: Novice Girls' Singles (600m)
15KAVA 2A Booth
28QHSD 1R Homan
32STHI 1C Maker
45QHSD 2G Clydesdale
50KAVA 1Jules M
64KVLY 1R Sonntag
76KVLY 2J Spinoglio
87COLU 1M Darling
99KAVA 3Riley T
Event 3A: Senior Boys' Quad (+15)
11OBHS 1J Waddell, J McNichol, S Donaldson, J Boyd + T Bezett (cox)
Event 3B: Senior Girls' Quad (Scr)
12STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor, F Guthrie, A Palmer + S Wyber (cox)
21OGHS 1E Murphy, L Anderson, G De raad, M King + D Lemow (cox)
34STHI 2B Hendry, E Smith, T McNamara, S Stone + M Knott (cox)
43COLU 1A Angland, C Paddon, P Morton, S Graham
Event 4: Novice Boys' Singles (600m)
14KHSD 2M Anderson
21OBHS 1B Cotter
30JMCG 1T McConway
46KHSD 3Q Hawthorne
NP2KHSD 1J MacKenzie
NP3OBHS 2tba
NP5OBHS 3tba
NP7OBHS 4tba
NP8OBHS 5tba
NP9JMCG 2J Gibbons
Event 5: Junior Girls Doubles
14STHI 1L Sabonadiere, B Shea
28KAVA 2Annie B, Phoebe F
37QHSD 1R Homan, G Clydesdale
42STHI 2G Clarke, L Garden
55OGHS 1A Scarf-Matthews, J Alm-Lequex
63COLU 1S Harrison, L Cunningham
71QHSD 2R Scott, K Atkinson
80KAVA 1Kate E, Riley T
16STHI 3C Maker, A Higham
22KVLY 1R Sonntag, J Spinoglio
33OGHS 2M Crawford, M Dixon
45QHSD 3I Laing, M Barker
56COLU 2K Campbell, H Wright
60KAVA 3Anika G, Sophie S
71QHSD 4R Lunam, L McKinlay
Event 6: Intermediate Boys' Quad
12OBHS 1C Lewis, T Chin, M McNamara, C Gordon + E Grant (cox)
21JMCG 1L Chittock, W Kirkwood, T Grave, T Mee + J Preston (cox)
34OBHS 2L Guthrie, T Hogan, A Roydhouse, B Alexander + H Sinclair (cox)
43JMCG 2J Gibbons, O Sidey-Moore, H Hassleman, T McConway + D Neild (cox)
Event 7: Senior Girls' Singles
11STHI 3C Paterson
27STHI 4C Shea
33COLU 1A Angland
42STHI 2B Hendry
54OGHS 1L Anderson
66COLU 2C Paddon
Event 8: Intermediate Girls' Quad
11STHI 1M Burns, E Adams, T Read, Z Sabonadiere + S Wyber (cox)
23OGHS 1T Seaton, E Murphy, G De raad, K Wilden-Palms + D Lemow (cox)
32COLU 1P Morton, L Cunningham, S harrison, S Griffin
44STHI 2L Sabonadiere, B Shea, A Higham, C Maker + M Knott (cox)
NP5KAVA 1Kate E, Riley G, Jules M, Sophie R
Event 9A: Senior Boys' Fours (+15sec)
11OBHS 1J McNichol, J Waddell S Donaldson, J Boyd + S Bezett (cox)
Event 9B: Intermediate Boys' Eight (scr)
dns1OBHS 1C Lewis, T Chin, M McNamara, C Gordon, L Guthrie, B Alexander, G Sammons, E Grant + H Sinclair (cox)
Event 10: Junior Boys' Doubles
11KHSD 1M Anderson, Q Hawthorne
23KHSD 2M Booth, S Van Der Weerden
32OBHS 1B Sinnamon S Dippie
45KHSD 3J MacKenzie, M Freeman
54OBHS 2T Bezett E Grant
66OBHS 3J Holland R Savage
Event 11: Intermediate Girls' Four
11STHI 1M Burns, E Adams, T Read, Z Saboandiere + S Wyber (cox)
22COLU 1S Griffin, S Harrison, L Cunningham, H Wright
Event 12: Senior Girls' Doubles/Pairs
11STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor
22COLU 1A Angland, C Paddon
33STHI 2A Palmer, F Guthrie
45STHI 3J Landels, B Hendry
54OGHS 1L Anderson, M King
66STHI 4E Smith, T McNamara
Event 13: Intermediate Boys' Fours
12OBHS 1C Lewis, T Chin, M McNamara, C Gordon + S Bezett (cox)
23JMCG 1L Chittock, W Kirkwood, T Grave, T Mee + J Preston (cox)
34OBHS 2B Sinnamon, T Hobson, A Roydhouse, S Dippie + G Savage (cox)
41JMCG 2J Gibbons, O Sidey-Moore, H Hassleman, D Neild + T McConway (cox)
Event 14: Intermediate Girls Singles
15OGHS 1K Wilden-Palms
26STHI 1E Adams
38OGHS 2T Seaton
41STHI 2J Landels
57COLU 3P Morton
62KVLY 1R Sonntag
73COLU 2S Graham
Event 15: Junior Boys' Fours
13OBHS 2B Cotter, G Savage, ____, ____ + ____ (cox)
21OBHS 1J Holland, T Bezett, E Grant, R Thomas + ____ (cox)
32KHSD 1J MacKenzie, M Freeman, C McGrath, P Whiley + Bryn (cox)
Event 16: Senior Boys' Doubles/Pairs
11OBHS 1J Waddell J McNichol
22OBHS 2J McNamara T Chin
Event 17: Junior Girls' Fours/Quad
12STHI 1L Sabonadiere, B Shea, L Garden, G Clarke + M Knott (cox)
26KAVA 1Kate E, Riley T, Jules M, Sophie R
35QHSD 1R Homan, G Clydesdale, R Scott, K Atkinson + A Picken (cox)
44OGHS 1A Scarf-Matthews, M Crawford, J Alm-Lequex, M Dixon + B Beecher (cox)
51QHSD 2I Laing, M Barker, R Lunam, L McKinlay + tba (cox)
60KAVA 2Annie B, Anika G, Sophie S + Phoebe F
NP3COLU 1T Mulholland, M Darling, H Wright, K Campbell
Event 18: Intermediate Boys' Doubles/Pairs
12OBHS 3T Hobson, A Roydhouse
23JMCG 1T Grave, T Mee
36OBHS 2L Guthrie, B Alexander
44OBHS 1C Lewis, C Gordon
57JMCG 3J Gibbons, O Sidey-Moore
65JMCG 2L Chittock, W Kirkwood
71JMCG 4H Hassleman, T McConway
Event 19: Senior Boys' Singles
11OBHS 1J McNichol
22OBHS 2J Waddell
33OBHS 3J Boyd
Event 20: Intermediate Girls' Eights
11STHI 1M Burns, E Adams, T Read, B Shea, L Sabonadiere, Z Sabonadiere, G Clarke, L Garden + M Knott (cox)
22COLU 1S Griffin, M Darling, S Harrison, L Cunningham, K Campbell, T Mulholland, P Morton, H Wright
Event 21A: Junior Boys' Quad (Scr)
12KHSD 1M Anderson, M Booth, S Van Der Weerden, Q Hawthorne + Bryn (cox)
21OBHS 1J Holland, E Grant, T Bezett, R Thomas + ____ (cox)
Event 21B: Senior Girls' Fours (+20sec)
11STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor, F Guthrie, A Palmer + S Wyber (cox)
Event 22: Intermediate Boys' Singles
14OBHS 1C Lewis
25OBHS 4J Guthrie
33JMCG 1T Grave
41OBHS 2C Gordon
57JMCG 2T Mee
61OBHS 3G Sammons
Event 23: Intermediate Girls' Doubles
13OGHS 1T Seaton, K Wilden-Palms
24STHI 1E Adams, T Read
36STHI 2M Burns, Z Sabonadiere
42STHI 3J Landels, B Shea
55OGHS 2E Murphy, G De raad
61KVLY 1R Sonntag, J Spinoglio
Event 24: Senior Girls' / Boy's Eight
11STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor, F Guthrie, A Palmer, T McNamara, E Smith, S Stone, G Buchanan + S Wyber (cox)
22COLU 1S Griffin, A Angland, C Paddon, P Morton, S Harrison, S Graham, L Cunningham, M Darling
13OBHS 1J McNichol, J Waddell, M McNamara, J Boyd, G Sammons, T Chin, C Lewis, C Gordon + H Sinclair (cox)
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