Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

PlaceCrewCrew members
Senior Girls' Eight
1OGHS 1R James, M Bonilla-Canasas, L Merriman, P Sparrow, C Mason, G McCaul, C Taylor, A Merriman, A Merriman (cox)
Senior Girls' Quad
1STHI 2E. Burnside, E. O'Mera, M.Davenport, S. Smith
2OGHS 2C Mason, P Sparrow, G Shanon, A Cumming, D Gamble (cox)
3OGHS 3L Merriman, C Taylor, G McCaul, G McLean, G Twaddle (cox)
Division 2
1STHI 1E. Fry, S. Sinclair, A. Hamilton, E. Hurdle
2OGHS 1R James, H Sims, M Bonilla-Canasas, A Merriman, A Merriman (cox)
3BAYF 1E Hofmans, S Bevin, T Charteris-Wright,
Senior Girls' Fours
1COLU 1A Cunningham, E Foley, N Horne, J Gibbons, J Herbert
2OGHS 1R James, P Sparrow, M Bonilla-Canasas, C Taylor, D Gamble (cox)
3COLU 2A Bachop, N Paterson, A Findlater, S Snow, E Herbert
Senior Girls' Double
1STHI 1E. Fry, S. Sinclair
2BAYF 1E Hofmans, T Charteris-Wright
3COLU 1E Foley, A Cunningham
Division 2
1STHI 3E. Hurdle, E. Burnside
2STHI 2A. Hamilton, E. O'Mera
3OGHS 2L Merriman, G McCaul
Senior Girls' Single
1STHI 1E. Fry
2OGHS 1R James
3KAVA 1T Bishop
Division 2
1BAYF 3E Hofmans
2OGHS 3L Merriman
3STHI 2A. Hamilton
Intermediate Girls' Eight
1COLU 1I Weston-Cooke, T Hanford, M Sullivan, A Findlater, S Snow, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
Intermediate Girls' Quad
1OGHS 2R Brosnan, C Thompson, G Shanon, A Divers, A Merriman (cox)
2STHI 1S. Smith, M Davenport, G. Bettie, B. Anderson
3KAVA 1L Bray, H Drew, G Wilson, A Uriaro
Intermediate Girls' Single
1STHI 2S. Smith
2KAVA 2L Bray
3KAVA 1H Drew
Junior Girls' Eights
1OGHS 1A Divers, G Twaddle,E Esplin, S Payne, J Bailey, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
2COLU 1I Weston-Cooke, T Handford, M Sulllivan, I Gallagher, M Bromby, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
Junior Girls' Quad
1OGHS 1A Divers, G Twaddle, L McLean, E Esplin, A Merriman (cox)
2KAVA 1B Sutherland, J Bailey, G Wilson, A Uriaro
3STHI 1G. Ffrisk, L. Byars, A. Hutchenson, B. Sincalir Cox: L. Anderson
Girls 50% Quad
1OGHS 1H Sims, J Bailey, L McLean, C Mason, D Gamble (cox)
2STHI 2B. Anderson, G. Bettie, L, Byars, G Ffisk
3STHI 1L. Drummond, E. Christie, K. Willis, B. Sinclair
Girls 50% Fours
1COLU 1A Cunningham, E Foley, M Sullivan, I Gallagher, L Vile
2COLU 2J Gibbons, N Paterson, I Weston-Cooke, T Hanford, J Herbert
Senior Boys' Eight
1JMCG 1W. Edwards, J. Nicholson-Kelly, B. Dowling, N. Chamberlain, D. Adams, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
2OBHS 1Louie Sabonadiere, Jono Burnside, Reuben Cook, Will Haley, Jack Webber, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
Senior Boys' Quad
1OBHS 1Jack Webber, Ben Mason, Thomas Ryan, Reuben McArley
2JMCG 2W.Turner, W. Edwards, A. Kenny, D. Adams + F. Wright
3OBHS 2Hunter Walker, Teddy George, Henry Wilson, Riley Thompson
Senior Boys' Four
1JMCG 1J. Nicholson-Kelly, W. Edwards, O. Cohrane, N. Chamberlain + F. Parks
2OBHS 1Jack Webber, Ben Mason, Reuben McArley, Peter Rowe
3KHSD 1H Booth, J Green, D Huges, B Mills, H Kees(cox)
Senior Boys' Singles
1OBHS 1Ben Mason
2OBHS 2T Ryan
3JMCG 1N. Chamberlain
Intermediate Boys' Eight
1OBHS 1Louie Sabonadiere, Will Haley, Jono Burnside, Reuben Cook, Ben Burrows, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
2compositeH. Scott, M. Smith, M. Williams, D. Adams, J. Pearson, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
Intermediate Boys' Four
1OBHS 1Louie Sabonadiere, Jono Burnside, Reuben Cook, Freddie Pankhurst
2OBHS 2Scott Alexander, Will Haley, Ben Burrows, Jake McClean
3compositeH. Scott, F. Wright, M. Williams, J. Pearson + F.Parks
Intermediate Boys' Singles
1OBHS 1A Cowley
2BAYF 1R Bevin
3OBHS 2Freddie Pankhurst
Junior Boys' Eight
1OBHS 1Sean Brooks-Adams, Sonny Gibbard, Harry Minty, Will Coggan, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
2OBHS 2Axel Pekkari, Jacob Boswell, Cody Campbell, Henry S, Grayson Small, A Bachop, T Wisnesky, I Gallagher, L Vile
Junior Boys' Quad
1JMCG 1M. Smith, H. Scott, Z. Donovan, M. Williams + F. Parks
2KHSD 1F Hepburn, T Smith, J Booth, H Kees, J Rainey (cox)
3OBHS 2Sonny Gibbard, Will Coggan, Jake Burgess, Oscar Anderson
Junior Boys' Four
1compositeM. Williams, J. Pearson, H. Scott, Z. Donovan + F. Parks
2OBHS 1Archie Cardno, Harry Brensell, Jake Burgess, Harry Phillips
Boys 50% Fours
1JMCG 1J. Nicholson-Kelly, O. Cochrane, M. Smith, Z. Donovan + F. Parks
2OBHS 1Axel Pekkari, Jono Burnside, Henry S, Freddie Pankhurst
Boys 50% Quad
1JMCG 1A. Kenny, B. Dowling, M. Smith, L. Allen + F. Parks
2KAVA 1J Wilson, R Stewart, S Taungapeau, M Stewart
3OBHS 1Cody Campbell, Jacob Bolwell, Louie Sabonadiere, Rueben Cook

Results courtesy: M Carroll

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