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Results: Petone Solstice

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Number Club Crew Race time Prognostic %
H1HORC 1M Clb 4X-0:29:4283.21%
G4PETC 4M Int 4X-0:31:4978.73%
L4STAC 4W Snr 4X-0:33:2275.65%
G5PETC 5W Clb 8+0:34:0975.23%
G3PETC 3W Int 8+0:34:3675.14%
G1PETC 1W M50 4X-0:37:4272.44%
I1PORC 1W Int 8+0:36:2071.56%
G7PETC 7M M60 2X0:38:3571.54%
L2STAC 2W Int 4X+0:40:0868.77%
I2PORC 2M Int 8+0:34:5068.10%
L3STAC 3W Int 4X+0:40:4567.73%
G0PETC 6Mx Int 8+0:38:5563.87%
L1STAC 1Mx Int 4X+0:41:3763.62%
L8STAC 8W Int 4X+0:43:2563.57%
H2HORC 2W M50 4X+0:43:4463.11%
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