Notices: WTMC-TAKA Regatta

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2014 WTMC-TAKA Regatta.

Identifying clubs/schools

Clubs all have 4-letter codes. Schools can either be identified within a club by a 2-digit crew number or by their own 4-letter code. A list follows:
AKLC: Auckland Grammar RC
AKLC: Auckland RC (AKLC 1-9)
RPCA: Auckland Regional Performance Centre
BARA: Baradene College (or WESC 11-19)
CARM: Carmel College (or NSHC 31-39)
COMC: Counties Manukau RC
DILW: Dilworth College (SGEC 41-49)
DIOC: Diocesan School for Girls (or AKLC 31-39)
EDWT: Edgewater College (or SGEC 31-39)
EGGS: Epsom Girls Grammar School (or AKLC 21-29)
KICC: Kings College RC
MACL: Macleans College (or SGEC 11-19)
MERC: Mercer RC
MTAL: Mt Albert Grammar (or WESC 31-39)
NSHC: North Shore RC (NSHC 1-9)
PUKE: Pukekohe High School (AKLC 41 -39)
RGTT: Rangitoto College (NSHC 51-59)
SGEC: St Georges RC (SGEC 1-9)
SHAK: Sacred Heart College (or AKLC 11-19)
STKT: St Kentigern RC
STPA: St Peters College (or WESC 21-29)
TGSC: Takapuna Grammar RC
WENT: Wentworth College (or NSHC 41-49)
WESC: West End RC (WESC 1-9)
WTLB: Westlake Boys High School (or NSHC 11-19)
WTLG: Westlake Girls High school (or NSHC 21-29)
WTMC: Waitemata RC
WREC: Whangarei Rowing Club

2014-10-14 16:48:22
Combined events

1. Senior and open events have been combined for this regatta.
2. The mens and women open eights will row with a handicap in the club eight events.
3. The Masters and Recreational events will be combined.
4. Please note that we may combine U18/Club events in the event of low entries in a specific event. The only exceptions being the U18 and Club quad races.

2014-09-25 01:26:22

University weight limits in use: 62Kg for women and 75Kg for men. (No crew average weight limit)

2014-09-25 01:24:10
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