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Results: aorc2016

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Entrant organisations

Ashburton RC, Dunstan Arm RC, Oamaru RC, Timaru RC, Wakatipu RC, Wanaka RC, (6)


Abbey Mabon, Abbie Harrison, Aidan Campbell, Alex Hull, Amanda Inkster, Amelia Hamilton, Amelia Hide, Amy Taggart, Andrea Witty, Angel Ellerbrock, Angus Harper, Ann Grant, Anna Gregan, Anna Higgins, Annabelle Manson, Annalise Cook, Antonio Frances-Rees, Artem Kravchenko, Atawhai Wooldridge, Ava Gilbert, Bailey Smith, Bede Wright, Bella Jolly, Ben Mason, Ben Paton, Ben Shikker, Ben Tiffen, Blair Middleton, Blair Searle, Blaize Lawrence, Blakemore Liam, Bobbie Rushton, Brad Cvitanich, Bradley Clucas, Brady McNeill, Brianna Harrison, Briar Mallinson, Britta Collins, Brittney McDowell, Bronwyn Judge, Caitlin McCoy, Caleb Pierre, Cameron Moffat, Carlene Cram, Carolyn Jelley, Charlie Andrews, Charlie Campbell, Charlie Hogan, Charlotte Cox, Charlotte O'Brien, Chelsea Breading, Chelsea Johnston, Chris Hall, Cilla Clarke, Cullam Smith, Dagmar Rohrbach, Dani Walsh, David Ayres, Denzil Edwards, Dion McKeown, Elizabeth Pine, Ella Creagh, Ella Jackson, Eloise Bloomfield, Eloise Gawler, Emily Black, Emily Downey, Emma Bradley, Emma Dyke, Emma Jansen, Emma Jarvie, Emma Simpson, Emma Stagg, Emma Trolove, Erin Calder, Eve O'Connor, Farran Landers, Flora Lima, Flynn Shikker, Fran Connelly-Whyte, Francesca Archibald, Francesca O'Malley, Gabbie Peake, Gabby Husband, Genna Smith, George Copland, Georgina Salter, Geraldine Moffat, Grace Izard, Grace Kennedy, Grace O'Sullivan, Grace Waller, Grace Williams, Grace Wilson, Hanna Scarlet, Hannah Cunningham, Hariet Scherp, Harrison Davies, Harry Bampton, Haxby Hefford, Hayden Kennedy, Hayley Adamson, Hugo Wallace, Iona Morton, Isaac Norton, Isabelle Bartlett, Isabelle Bradley, Jack Andrew, Jack Clayton, Jack Gibbs, Jack Smith, Jacque Lattimore, Jamari Vou, James Anderson-Fairey, James Davidson, James Scott, James Shefford, James Steven, Jared Brenssell, Jared Mattson, Jas McIntosh, Jeanne Gray, Jesse Heal, Jessica Mulligan, Jessica Williams, Jessie Hernawan, Johnny Lysaght, Jordyn Clark, Josef Sullivan, Joseph Allen-Perkins, Josh Wilson, Kaia Holland, Kalani MacDonald, Kallum Puttick, Kate Blackmore, Kate Harvey, Kate Jackson, Kate Mihaere, Katie Dolan, Kaylee Hudson, Kelvin Mulqueen, Ken Laraman, Kim Hamill, Kinnley McAllister, Lara Biggs, Laura Sandri, Liam Blackmore, Liam Parker, Logan Docherty, Loic Billoud, Lucia King-Smith, Lucy Geddes, Mac Burdett, MacKenzie Ealson, Maddi Palmer, Marcus Bongers, Mark Taylor, Marty Williamson, Matt Kennedy, Matthew O'Riley, Max Smith, Meg Creagh, Meghan Templeton, Mel Twyman, Mia Bisley, Michael Wall, Michaela Kennedy, Mike Toepfer, Mollie Gibson, Molly Campbell, Mya Nevin, Naeve Davidson, Neil Paver, Nell Watherston, Neve McDougall, Nicki de Buyzer, Nicole Derwin, Nikita Clemens, Nivonne Schultz, Oksana Volkov, Oliver Bisley, Oliver Herron, Oliver Sanderson, Olivia Furrie, Olivia Gibson, Olivia Hughes, Olivia Jurasovich, Olivia Woodham, Paige Furrie, Patrick Dekker, Paul Rosenberger, Penny Young, Phoebe Trolove, Rachel Stephenson, Renee Pateman, Rose Kellet, Roshinia Crow, Ruby Tall, Ruby Young, Sam Anderson, Sam Broomhall, Samantha Sorenson, Sarah Millar, Sarah Templeton, Seb Vanden Bosch, Shane Gibson, Sharyn Gingell Kent, Shayla Alexander, Shea Direen, Simon Smith, Simonne Cox, Skye Morton, Sophie Groundwater, Sophie Lightbourne, Sophie Lyons, Sophie Smith, Sophie Thompson, Sophie Tulley, Sophie Williamson, Stuart Beattie, Sydney Cook, Sylvio Billoud, Taylor Allan, Teresa Eden, Thomas Flynn, Tim Hepburn, Tim Wills, Tom Scott, Tyrone Cox, Vanessa Gough, Veronica Wall, Victoria Shore, Will Healey, Will Kemp, William Ellis, Wyatt Burrows, Xavier Kahukura, Zak Healey, Zoe Borman, Zoe Leen, Zoliekah Judd, (241)

This regatta provides for recognition of more than one class within an event. You can swap to an expanded version of the results, which shows the various classes. Because an event can cover several classes the event class code listed here is a 'common denominator' class.

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