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Results: macc2016

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Entrant organisations

Blenheim RC, Central RPC, Nelson RC, Porirua RC, Star BC, Wairau RC, Wellington RC, (7)


Aaliyah Black, Abbey Cox, Abella Yuen, Adam Smith, Adelaide Brown, Ahlia Hicks, Aimee Larson, Alex Laurenson, Alex Whitfield, Alisana Morris, Andre Salvador, Andrew Loveard, Andrew MacRae, Andy Register, Angus Cooper, Angus McFarlane, Anna MacQuarrie, Anna Wilson, Annabel Reburn, Annabelle Curry, Barnaby McFarlane, Ben O'Sullivan, Ben Ross, Benjamin Laurie, Bob Marr, Breah McKay, Breydon Gallon, Brya Ingram, Caitlyn Byrne, Caleb Meijer, Callum Barker, Callum McNab, Cam Hall, Cameron Cunningham, Cameron Donald, Chad Ricketts, Charles Lynch-Gerrard, Charolette Boon, Christopher Mairs, Cillian Butler, Clare Weterings, Connor Johnston, Connor Moore, Corbin Porteous, Corey McCaffrey, David Knight, Dominic Beaglehole, Dylan Crick, Edward Dunne, Edwin Laurenson, Ella Barker, Ella Greenslade, Ella Toa, Ellie Hawkins, Elliot Willis, Elyse Rothery, Emma McManaway, Ethan Alderlieste, Ethan Graham, Evie Strawbridge, Felix Lowndes, Fergus Murray, Fergus Wilson, Finn Southey, Fraser Peach, Fred Murray, Gabrielle Hannen, Geena Langlois, George Egerton, George Murray, Griffin Maaka, Hannah Bailey, Harrison Somerville, Harry Beasley, Hayden Rumble, Henry Horwood Verstappen, Henry Williams, Holly Blake, Holly Miller, Holly Roundhill, Hugo Hibbert, Hunter Davies, Jack Allen-Russell, Jack Castle, Jack O'Leary, Jack Smith, Jacob Rhodes, James Clifford, James Dunne, James McAnallen, Jamie Love, Jaslyn Humphries, Jasmine Oliver, Jennifer Acton-Phillips, Johnny Hatch, Jordan Hicks, Jordon Gasson, Joseph Bahr, Joseph Young, Josiah Duffield, Kade Campbell, Katie Bruce, Kayla Baker, Keith Nelson, Kevin Strickland, Kobe Miller, Kris Godsall, Lache Melvin, Lachlan Stevens, Laust Zwisler, Leah van Eeden, Lewis Hollows, Louis van Velthooven, Luc Wiegand, Lucy Golding, Luke Brady, Luke Dance, Maaike van Eeden, Mackenzie Horwood-Verstappen, Maddi Robinson, Mae MacDonald, Mahalia Shand, Maya Speers, Meg Thompson, Miriam Lindsay, Molly Floyd, Morgan Gurr, Nicky Murray, Nicola Baker, Olive Smith, Olivia Taylor, Oscar Floyd, Phillip Wilson, Renee Bone, Rhys Statham, Ricky Kiddle, Riley Bruce, Rod Henderson, Rosalind Walker, Ruby Leverington, Ryan Flintoft, Sam Paviour-Smith, Sam Wilkins, Sammy Moritz, Samuel Cook, Sandra Binns, Sarah Green, Sarah Jackson, Sean Ducray, Shane Rohloff, Shannah-Lee Lee, Shannon Thorp, Skye Campbell, Sophie Cook, Stella Blake, Stella Parker, Stephanie McDermott, Steve Mason, Suzy Scorer, Taylor Smith, Theo Barber, Thomas Collison, Thomas Cummack, Thomas Murray, Tim Hall, Tommy Brennan, Tony Crosbie, Tony Crosbie, Tristan Cotter, Tristan Gregory-Hunt, Troy O'Reilly, Wade Puklowski, Walter Edmonds, Whitney Brown, Will Hastings, Will Hausmann, Zach Hough, Zane Goggin, Zoe Mercer, (179)

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