Saturday, 20th September 2014

Race Time Event   Final Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7
1 08:45 1T W Uni 2X Race: A AKLU2 WKOU3 WKOU1 AKLU1 VICU2 WKOU2 VICU1
2 08:50 2T M Uni 1X Race: A BCIU1 AKLU1 VICU2 VICU1 MWLU1
3 09:00 5T W UNv 4+ Race: A WKOU1 MWL*1 VIC*2
3   6T M UNv 4+ Race: A
4 10:10 3T W Uni 1X Race: A WKOU1 VICU1 WKOU2
9 10:30 10T M UNv 8+ Race: A - - REMOVED - -
5 10:50 4T M Uni 2X Race: A AKLU1 BCIU2 VICU2 VICU3 BCIU1 VICU4 VICU1
6 14:20 7T W Uni 4+ Race: A WKOU3 VIC*1 WKOU1 VICU3 AKLU2 AKLU3 AKL*1
7 15:10 8T M Uni 4+ Race: A WKOU1 VICU2 VICU1 AKLU1 BCIU1 WKOU2 AKL*2
8 16:20 9T W UNv 8+ Race: A MWL*1
10   11T W Uni 8+ Race: A WKOU1 MWL*1 VIC*1
11 17:10 12T M Uni 8+ Race: A WKOU1 VICU1 AKLU1
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