Results: Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubCrew nameStart timeFinish timeRace time
2TGACW1x: Trish02.3068.5066.20
5TGACM1x: B Cullan04.0061.0957.09
6TGACMst M1x: G Bridgewater02.0059.1258.12
14RNZW1x: F Patterson03.0052.2149.21
4HWBCM1x: R Harrison02.0055.1053.10
3HWBCM1x: S Jenssen03.3064.3561.05
8CAMCM1x: N Robertson00.3052.0251.32
11WKOCW1x: P Smith01.3057.5356.23
??COMCM1x: Bailey04.0052.5848.28
20HWBCW2x: Jenkin/Green05.0056.2951.29
21TGACW2x: Ashton/Scott05.0061.1256.12
41TGACW4x-: L Davidson05.3056.0250.32
42HWBCW4x-: Brownlee05.3053.2747.57
43TGACM4-: C Rapley06.3050.3344.03
45HWBCM4x-: Cowie07.3052.3245.02
46HWBCM4+: Simmons06.0053.1547.15
62TRGBM8+: S Crane12.3053.3541.05
64TRGBM8+: D Driesson09.3057.1047.40
60HWBCW8+: Stone08.3058.5750.27
63WKOCMst 8+: Tina10.3053.2242.52
65RPCAMx 8+11.3053.2241.52

A brief regatta report is available on the new Rowing Waikato website

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