Results: Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubCrewStart TimeFinish TimeRace Time
4WKOCM Mst 1X (Jeff)0:0048:0848:08
5TAWCW 1X (Renee)3:0056:4453:44
11BPCCM 1X (Calum)3:0057:1054:10
14TGACM 1X (Josh)1:3052:4451:14
15TGACM 1X (Daniel)1:3051:4350:13
16TGACM 1X (Elliot)4:0054:3050:30
19TGACM 1X (James)4:0065:5061:50
20TGACM 1X (Fergus)2:0056:0954:09
21WKOCB U16 1X (William)2:0050:5848:58
29TGACW 2X (Jeanette)6:3067:5361:23
30BPCCW 2X (Lachlan)6:3063:3157:01
31WKOUM 2- (James)4:3050:1345:43
42BPCCW 4X (Rosie)8:3061:4853:18
45BPCCMx 4X (Lara)8:3062:0553:35
46CAMCW Mst 4X (Sue)7:3056:2448:54
47CAMCM Mst 4X (Neville)7:3052:5847:28

Results courtesy: P Yeoman

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