Results: Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

ClubCrewStart TimeFinish TimeRace Time
WKOCM 1X (Jeff)0:49:179:28:5010:18:07
TGACW 2X (Rosie)0:53:139:29:2510:22:38
CAMCM 2X (Sam)0:44:479:30:1310:15:00
CAMCMx 2X (Darren)0:48:219:29:5110:18:12
TGACW 2X (Leah)0:50:079:29:4710:19:54
CAMCMx 2X (Veronique)0:51:369:30:1610:21:52
TGACW 2X (Bethany)0:56:369:29:2210:25:58
TGACMx 2X (Christina)1:00:449:30:0610:30:50
CAMCM 4X (Ger)0:41:199:32:2410:13:43
TGACM 4X (Andrew)0:42:329:30:5410:13:26
BPCCW 4X (MacKenzie)0:47:159:31:1510:18:30
BPCCW 4X (Annabelle)0:52:429:31:1210:23:54
BPCCW 4X (Gabby)0:56:189:30:4610:27:04
BPCCM 4X (Gerry)1:00:109:31:3810:31:48
TGACW 8+ (Luca)0:42:249:33:2110:15:45
TGACW 8+ (Ashleigh)0:52:089:33:0310:25:11
KAYAKM K1 (Dennis)1:04:039:28:4510:32:48

Results courtesy: R Watts

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