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Results: 12,000

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubBoat typeCrewFinish time*LIne position
3AWGCW ClubR Gallagher, C Stanford, S Gray, K Jordan, C Jordan, M Carruthers, J Thurston, A Stevenson + D Hannan (cox)0:38:181
5WANCW U17 8+Tessa Leenards, Tenille Pickett, Francesca Peacocke, Paparangi Hipango, Esther Austin, Jessica Simpson, Hannah Boon, Nichole Gillespie + Henry Witters (cox)0:39:032
11AWGCM Mst/M U17P Spriggens, C Smith, L O'Brien, M Stewart, T Dinwiddie, R Smith, D Whetton, T Nyenhuis + B Holly (cox)0:35:223
8AWGCM Mst EA Luff, T Rush, G Russell, M Carey, J Sicely, J Verstappen, T Upchurch, G Hammond + S O'Leary (cox)0:36:054
7WANCM U16 8+George Ellis, Kane Skelsey, Geordie Johnson, Kit Croxford, Rerekohu Pewhairangi, Duncan MacPhee, Brock Ruscoe, Keepa Hipango + Grace Train (cox)0:36:185
10UNWCM ClubTeki-Clark, Oskam, Brewer, Maddem, Tattersall, Horrocks, Ellis, Grobecker + ??? (cox)0:36:176
13WANCM U17 8+Charles Pearce, Ryan Everton, Lachlan Scott, Brayden Coley, Hector Grant, Angus Watson, Matthew Stent, Samuel Walton + Joel Roke (cox)0:36:247
1WANCW U15 8+Jessica Watson, Olivia Reuters, Fiona Weleilakeba, Bridget Leenards, Abbie Litten, Brittani Beavis, Jordan Kopittke, Kate Taylor + Rebecca Attwell (cox)0:42:428
4AWGCW Mst BS Rush, J Rush, T Moorhouse, Y Priest, R Sicely, T Carver, J Connors, A Luff + K Wilson (cox)0:41:519
9UNWCM Mst 50+Grant Ryder, Rod Calder, Stuart Kelly, Keith Smith, Mike Breese, Terry Arbuckle, Mike Stanford, Sally Quinn + Erica Archer (cox)0:38:5910
2WANCW U16 8+Emma Russell, Ngakita Metekingi, Amelia Stanley, Brooke Tuffield, Kate Hurley, Claudia Wilson, Jessica Donald, Gabrielle McKenzie + Lucy Pearce (cox)0:44:2711
12AWGCM U17 8+C Upchurch, A Howie, S Stevens, S O'Connor, Z Murphy, M Beard, M Buys, N Cvitanovich + K Hackett (cox)0:39:4612
6WANCM U15 8+Daniel Lee, Michael White, Rupert Paterson, Thomas O?Neill, Louis Reed, Digby Dowding, Nicholai Waara, Timothy Walton + Kaya Houltham (cox)0:41:0813

* Boats were given handicap start times. This time includes those handicaps.

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