Results: Whanganui Winter Series

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #Boat typeCrewClubRace timePrognostic %
8M M MstG 2-Richard Brock, Trevor RushAWGC33:31.8089.86%
26CompositeJ. Thomson, L. WattsAWGC29:53.7089.19%
22Composite V2 Jack, Liam LaceKAYAK32:49.2087.96%
28Mx Snr 8+Nathan Oakley, Kyle Malone, Connor Burns, Henry Whitford-Lee, Lucas Schulth, Paul Moreno, Valerie Chan, Jack Gilpin + Liam Avery (cox)STAC27:32.1086.92%
7CompositeZ. Brewer, M. BarrittAWGC35:24.3086.63%
27M MstE 4XBruce Tate, Kevin Horan, Kerry Dombroski, Gus BerghanCOMP30:03.5086.47%
4CompositeHoward Hyland, Kelly Thompson, Paki Ngaira, Chris Kofeod, Cindy Ngaira, Rachel KingiCANOE39:13.6086.32%
14M MstD 1XMartin BridgerUNWC34:56.8084.69%
15M MstD 1XPatrick CarrollUNWC34:58.4084.65%
30Mx 4XRod Trott, Phillipa Baker-Hogan, Brenda LawsonUNWC33:45.4084.54%
11CompositeN. Monk, N. MurphyAWGC35:50.3083.72%
19M MstH 4+Murray Carey, Garth Hammond, Bruce Osborne, Ewen Noble + Sue O'Leary (cox)AWGC34:47.6083.52%
17Composite V4Lucas, Anna, George, JessKAYAK35:12.2082.95%
16CompositeG. Hogan, J. BridgerAWGC35:43.0082.5%
21M U23 K1Toby BrookeKAYAK35:11.2082.24%
25CompositeL. Carroll, Z. VisserAWGC32:51.7081.95%
13W MstC 2XSteph and Jacs RushAWGC36:15.9081.62%
1W M40+ MS1Robyn Scott KAYAK46:13.8081.29%
9G U16 2XF. Hogan, M. ManvilleAWGC37:54.0079.51%
23M MstE 2XTony Upchurch, Colin WrightAWGC35:07.3079.35%
18M Club 2-Blake Hogan, Jack PringleWANC36:48.9079.31%
10M M40+ MS1Brian ScottKAYAK38:29.1078.13%
29B U16 1XLeo HannaWANC38:21.0078.05%
2M M60+ MS1Les Aplin KAYAK44:39.4077.13%
5G U16 K1Sophie BrookeKAYAK43:02.1076.22%
24CompositeR. Lowe, R. Frecklington, S. Yorton, E. DudleyAWGC35:21.9076.15%
20CompositeJ. Manville, C. James, K. Cosford, A. Salwiczek + C. Monk (Cox)AWGC38:16.2075.61%
6M MstH 1XAllan LuffAWGC43:49.1074.55%
3M M60+ MS1Bruce BaldwinKAYAK46:54.3073.43%
12B U16 K1JamesKAYAK44:05.8067.72%

Results courtesy: G Tichbon

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