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Results: Billy Webb Challenge

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Bow #CompetitorGradeRace timeGrade place
A4Tim Ole NeskeMens Elite00:22:211
A2Jordan ParryMens Elite00:22:242
A6Damir MartinMens Elite00:22:353
A5John StoryMens Elite00:22:594
A7Mahe DrysdaleMens Elite00:23:225
A3Radoje DericMens Elite00:23:306
A1Luke WattsMens Elite00:24:397
B2Lucy SpoorsWomens Elite00:25:041
B1Brooke DonoghueWomens Elite00:25:102
C1James SandstonMens Club00:24:251
C2Benjamin WatkinsonMens U2000:23:471
C3Josh NicholMens U2000:28:372
C4Levi CarrollMens U1700:25:491
C5Fergus Ritchie Mens U1700:27:212
D3Patrick CarrollMens Masters 40+00:26:091
D1Siebo VisserMens Masters 40+00:27:252
D2Martin BridgerMens Masters 40+00:27:313
D4Trevor RushMens Masters 60+00:27:341
D6Peer NielsonMens Masters 60+00:28:112
D5Rodney CalderMens Masters 60+00:30:253
E1Jessica NorrisWomens Club00:27:441
E2Aimee PitcherWomens Club00:29:522
E3Gretchen WilliamsWomens Club00:32:013
E6Kate LaracyWomens U2000:27:571
E5Erin Henare-MurtonWomens U2000:31:282
E4Dakota BarryWomens U2000:32:393
F4Sophie Egnot-JohnsonWomens U1700:28:271
F5Andrea FickWomens U1700:29:182
F2Celina Henare-MurtonWomens U1700:30:343
F1Evelyn HowardWomens U1700:31:374
F3Grace MayWomens U1700:31:545
G1Philippa Baker HogenWomens Masters 40+00:28:351
G2Fleur SpriggsWomens Masters 40+00:29:082
G3Jacs RushWomens Masters 40+00:30:463
G4Tash CarverWomens Masters 40+00:31:274

Results courtesy: D Evans

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