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Results: Billy Webb Challenge

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Bow #CompetitorClubGradeRace timePlace (grade)Place (overall)
A2Mahe DrysdaleWest End RCMen's Open00:21:07:7211
A3John StoreyAvon RCMen's Open00:21:26:9422
A4Matthew DunhamCambridge RCMen's Open00:21:36:1533
A1Thomas MonaghanAramoho Whanganui RC Men's Open00:23:42:5746
A5Tristan Gregory-HuntWairau RC (Central RPC)Men's Open00:24:22:6458
A6James MatherWellington RCMen's Open00:26:18:80616
B2Lisa ScheenaardE.S.R ThetaWomen's Open00:23:18:2614
B1Brooke DonoghueNZ Summer SquadWomen's Open00:23:39:7125
B3Olivia Loe Avon RCWomen's Open00:24:25:2339
C2Hugo Ver DonkNorth Shore RCMen's U 2000:25:38:14113
C3Jack FeatherstoneTakapuna Grammar RCMen's U 2000:26:37:14218
C1Jack MorrisWellington RCMen's U 2000:28:28:85329
D3Blake HoganWhanganui Collegiate RC Men's U 1700:24:17:8517
D1Leo HannaWhanganui Collegiate RC Men's U 1700:24:53:95210
D7Tim HaldaneWhanganui Collegiate RC Men's U 1700:25:05:59311
D4Evan WilliamsTakapuna Grammar RCMen's U 1700:25:14:89412
D5Neo TichbonUnion BCMen's U 1700:26:09:94515
D8Cameron DaignaultUnion BCMen's U 1700:26:25:36617
D6Jacob DaveyTakapuna Grammar RCMen's U 1700:27:02:80719
D2Jack CooperHawkes Bay RCMen's U 1700:27:48:62824
E6Martin BridgerUnion BCMen's Masters > 40 00:25:46:62114
E5Eric Ver DonkWest End RCMen's Masters > 40 00:27:19:42220
E4Colin WrightAramoho Whanganui RC Men's Masters > 40 00:28:41:81330
E9Bob EvansUnion BCMen's Masters > 6000:27:27:77122
E8Trevor RushAramoho Whanganui RC Men's Masters > 6000:28:09:54226
E7Peer NielsenUnion BCMen's Masters > 6000:28:16:30328
F7Niamh MonkAramoho Whanganui RC Women's U2000:27:37:35123
F4Ally BennettAramoho Whanganui RC Women's U2000:28:09:54227
F5Cathryn PearceAramoho Whanganui RC Women's U2000:29:23:70332
F6Chloe LennoxWhanganui Collegiate RC Women's U2000:29:30:87433
F1Jamiee BridgerAramoho Whanganui RC Women's U2000:29:40:06534
F3Sarah TaylorHawkes Bay RCWomen's U2000:29:52:14635
F2Jessica HamlinTakapuna Grammar RCWomen's U2000:31:19:15737
H4Fleur SpriggsPower House RC (Australia)Women's Masters > 4000:27:27:07121
H5Jacs RushAramoho Whanganui RCWomen's Masters > 4000:30:03:07236
H2Alice FaheyStar Boating ClubWomen's U1700:27:49:15125
H1Phoebe CollierWhanganui Collegiate RC Women's U1700:29:12:49231
H3Charlotte McKinlayWhanganui Collegiate RCWomen's U17nttnttntt

Results courtesy: D Evans

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