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Results: Legion Masters Regatta

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

The results are winners of each race. A race can have several winners if the race contains different age groups.

Event 1 A to B Doubles
10.00amA,B 2x MenRace 1 
 A2Horowhenua RCBM
 A1Aramoho Wanganui RCAM
10.05amA,B 2x WomenRace 2 
 B1Whangarei RCBW
 B3Aramoho Wanganui RCAW
10.10amB 2x WomenRace 3 
 C5Cambridge RCBW
Event 2 D to H Singles
10.15amD,E,F,G 1xWomenRace 4 
 D1Tauranga RCDW
 D2Auckland Grammar RCEW
 D3Waikato RCFW
10.20amD 1x MenRace 5 
 E1Aramoho Wanganui RCDM
10.25amD,E 1x MenRace6 
 F2Mercer RCDM
 F7Aramoho Wanganui RCEM
10.30amF 1x MenRace 7 
 G1Aramoho Wanganui RCFM
10.35amG,H,I,J 1x MenRace8 
 H3Waikato RCGM
 H5BOP Coast HM
 H6West End RCIM
 H7Whangarei RCJM
Event 3 C Singles
10.50amC 1x WomenRace 9 
 I5West End RCCW
10.55amC 1x MenRace10 
 J2Horowhenua RCCM
Event 4 A to B Fours
11.10amA,B 4+ WomenRace11 
 K1Te Awamutu RCAW
11.15amA,B 4+ MenRace12 
 L2Whangarei RCB
 L4Auckland RCAM
Event 5 D to H Eights
11.25amD,E 8+ WomenRace13 
 M1St Georges RCEW
 M2Auckland Grammar RCDW
11.35amD,E,F 8+ MenRace14 
 N1Aramoho Wanganui RCEM
 N2Petone RCDM
 N4Waikato RCFM
Event 6 A to C Quads
11.40amB,C 4x WomenRace15 
 O1Aramoho Wanganui RCBW
 O4Cambridge RCCW
11.45amB,C 4x MenRace 16 
 P1Horowhenua RCCM
 P4Aramoho Wanganui RCBM
Event 7 Corporate Fours (Women)
11.55am4+ Corp WomenRace17 
 Q1Mighty River PowerCorpW
Event 8 D to H Doubles
12.10pmD 2x MenRace18 
 U9Tauranga RCDM
12.15pmD,E 2x MenRace19 
 R1Whakatane RCDM
 R7Aramoho Wanganui RCEM
12.20pmD 2x WomenRace20 
 S5St Georges RCDW
12.25pmE,F,G 2x WomenRace21 
 T4Auckland RCFW
 T5Waikato RCGW
12.30pmE,F,H 2x MenRace22 
 U1Aramoho Wanganui RCFM
 U4Waikato RCFM
Event 9 Mixed Masters Fours
12.40pmMixed 4+Race23 
 V2Clifton RCOpenX
Event 10 A to C Eights
12.50pmB,C 8+ MenRace24 
 X2Auckland RCBM
 X3Aramoho Wanganui RCCM
12.55pmB,C 8+ WomenRace 25 
 Y3Aramoho Wanganui RCCW
 Y5Cambridge RCBW
Event 11 C Doubles
1.00pmC 2x MenRace26 
 Z1Horowhenua RCCM
 A2Whangarei RCCW
Event 12 New Masters Fours
1.20pmNew Masters 4+ WomenRace28 
 B4Te Awamutu RCOpenW
 B7St Georges RCOpenM
Event 13 D to H Quad
1.30pmD 4x MenRace 29 
 C2Aramoho Wanganui RCDM
1.35pmD,E,G 4x WomenRace 30 
 D1St Georges RCEW
 D3St Georges RCDW
 D7West End RCGW
1.40pmE,F 4x MenRace31 
 E3Aramoho Wanganui RCEM
 E8Petone RCFM
Event 14 A to B Singles
1.50pmA,B 1x MenRace32 
 F2Horowhenua RCAM
 F4Clifton RCBM
1.55pmA,B 1x WomenRace33 
 G2Aramoho Wanganui RCBW
 G3Aramoho Wanganui RCAW
Event 15 Corporate Eights (Mixed)
2.10pmCorp 8+Race34 
 H2Mighty River PowerCorp
Event 16 C Fours
2.20pmC 4+ MenRace35 
 I1Aramoho Wanganui RCCM
2.25pmC 4+MenRace 36 
 J5Waikato RCCM
2.30pmC 4+ WomenRace 37 
 K3Aramoho Wanganui RCCW
Event 17 Mixed Doubles
2.40pmMixed 2xRace38 
 L1Horowhenua RCOpenX
2.45pmMixed 2xRace39 
 M7Clifton RCOpenX
2.50pmMixed 2xRace40 
 N5West End RCOpenX
Event 18 D to H Fours
3.00pmD,E,F,G 4+ MenRace41 
 O3Aramoho Wanganui RCDM
 O4Petone RCEM
 O6Waikato RCFM
 O7West End RCGM
Event 19 A to H Pair
3.10 pmB,C 2- MenRace42 
 P5Aramoho Wanganui RCBM
 P6West End RCCM
 P7Horo/Ara MohoAM
3.15pmB,D,F 2- Women & MenRace43 
 Q1Wellington RCBW
 Q5Tauranga RCDM
Event 20 Corporate Fours (Men)
3.20pmCorp 4+MenRace44 
 U1Reyburn and BryantCorpM
Event 21 Mixed Quad
3.30pmMixed 4xRace45 
 A6Horowhenua RCOpenX
3.35pmMixed 4xRace46 
 V4Clifton RCOpenX
3.45pmMixed 4xRace47 
 U2Cambridge RCOpenX
Event 22 Open Eights
4.00pmOpen 8+Race48 
 V4Hamilton RCOpenM
4.00 pmOpen 8+Race49 
 W3Auckland RCOpenM

The regatta was a great success. 288 Masters rowers in 49 races. Followed by a dinner at the Kingsgate with 125 attending.

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