Notices: Dewar Shield Blue Lake Regatta

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2022 Dewar Shield Blue Lake Regatta.

Safety Briefing

This will be by the numbers caravan at lake edge 7.00am Saturday. There must be a representative from all clubs present and all rowers are encouraged to attend.

2022-01-16 16:13:53
Regatta Notice

As this regatta is run under the orange traffic light conditions there will be a perimeter fence around the event site. To ensure this is secure we require all trailers to be in the park by 7.00pm Friday night. Please do not arrive before 1.00pm Friday. Wash all boats coming from fresh water environments before coming to the regatta, drivers will be asked to sign a declaration form on arrival confirming this has been done. Signed Club Captain 0272944461

2022-01-16 16:11:59
Entry Restrictions

The Dewar Shield will be run under the Orange Traffic Light System as per the Government announcement that the Lakes DHB will move into orange on the 30th December 2021. The regatta will be restricted to between 500 and 600 competitors. If you cannot enter the regatta, and wish to do so please contact the regatta controller with the number of competitors that want to enter. If the regatta is not full then the restriction may be revoked for your team. Thank you for your co-peration. Rotorua and Whakatane Rowing Clubs.

2021-12-19 10:55:46
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