Notices: Christmas Regatta

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2022 Christmas Regatta.

U15 8+/8X+ finals

Upon checking the initial DRAFT schedule you may notice finals for U15 eights and octuples are scheduled for Saturday. Holding these races on Saturday instead of Sunday provides longer turnarounds to Novice events, means more age-group crews can race Saturday, and prevents a later finish on Sunday.

2022-12-09 12:46:20
Entry limit extension trial

A trial of the entry limit extension that will be available to clubs at the NI Champs is now being carried out at the Christmas Regatta.

Where the entry entity is a club, it is permitted to enter one additional crew for each of its affiliated schools (but only for schools that are not entered separately as schools). These extra crews must be entered using the dual-entity recognition feature. The entry limit extension for one school cannot be transferred to another school or the club. If more than one dual-entity recognition crew is entered for a school then additional crews will count as club crews and towards the club limit.

Important: this trial does not affect the existing entry limit for schools entering as schools. It only extends the club limit. Schools can still enter 2 crews each in singles and doubles (excl Snr and Prm, which have no limit)

And a reminder... rowers cannot represent more than one entity i.e. students can either be entered by their school or by their club but not by both (but coxswains are allowed to cox for both their school and their club).

2022-12-01 09:28:16
Important information for entrants

Coaches are strongly encouraged to read the information document HERE before making entries. Please also review the conditions HERE.

For an excel spreadsheet version of the table of events for this regatta, showing what events and rounds of events may take place on which day, see HERE

2022-11-21 09:18:27
Entry limits

Each rower is limited to three events.
Each rower is restricted to two small boats (pairs excluded).
Clubs and schools are limited to two crews each in singles and doubles event (excluding Premier and Senior events).

2022-10-18 16:23:39
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Clubs. If you only have a password for the RowingNZ website then you will need a rowIT login so please contact us.

Schools. If you have a password provided by NZSSRA then you should log in through the school rowing website.