Notices: Maadi Regatta

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2023 Maadi Regatta.

Supplementary entries

The online entry system has re-opened for scratchings, substitutions, and supplementary entries.

The crews per school per event limits have been raised for supplementary entries over the last couple of days. But all 1X/2X events are now full. (They will only re-open for a supplementary entry if somebody scratches out a crew.) There are still some spaces available in other events though.

The regatta's per-entity event limits will remain in place until the end of the weekend. On Sunday at 7pm the limit will be raised to 2 per entity, with subsequent raises to 3 and 4 on Monday and Tuesday at 7pm.

2023-03-21 12:05:00
Preliminary DRAFT schedule

The preliminary DRAFT draft schedule for the 2023 Aon Maadi Regatta has been published.

The Maadi Regatta is different from other regattas at Karapiro each season because racing is spread across 6 days. A Maadi schedule always has room to compress or expand depending on what the weather turns out to be when the week arrives.

Closer to the regatta, weather forecasts will become reliable enough to adjust the DRAFT schedule to match. But, for this preliminary DRAFT schedule, we start with a conservative schedule for the beginning of the week. It is one that runs heats and repechage racing straight through on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It uses mostly 5-min race intervals.

If the forecast for the week turns out to be terrible, then this preliminary DRAFT schedule will be revised. Races will be compressed from 5-minute intervals down to the usual high-paced 4-minute intervals. This would change where heats and repechages are split between days. But we’ll be working around whatever the weather throws at them.

On the other hand, if the forecast for the week turns out to be excellent, then this preliminary DRAFT schedule could be revised and racing can be more appropriately spaced for a New Zealand Championships. In that case, heats would be held on Monday and Tuesday. We would split at event 26; matching what happens during finals. Repechages would be held on Wednesday.

2023-03-17 12:23:05
Medal presentations

Schools are advised that Maadi will see slightly different approaches used for crews to proceed to the dais (if they win a medal). This ensures that no boat check weighing takes place after any medal presentations.

If a crew wins a medal, that crew will be advised at the end of the race. Also:

+ If a crew is asked to have their boat check weighed, they will row to the pontoons to proceed to the boat weighing station. After check weighing they then walk to the medal dais or they can get back in their boat and row back to the dais (umpires will ensure that this is done in a safe manner and in between any applicable races).

+ If a crew is not required to have their boat check weighed, they can row to the dais as normal.

Note: generally, a medal presentation for an event will take place roughly 45 minutes after the start of the A Final for that event.

2023-03-02 12:13:58
Progression systems

With high anticipated entry levels, and no change to entry limits, the standard Maadi progression (NZSSRA's Option 7) will again not be able to be used for all events this year. Like in 2021 the older much more cutthroat progression will be used. (NZSSRA's Option 1)

However, Option 7 will be used for U18 events (excl U18 Nov). And Option 1 has been updated to improve fairness for entrants in events with 40+ entries (and to add C Finals, which it did not previously have).

2023-02-24 08:41:34

Schools are limited to a maximum of one crew in singles and double events, and a maximum of four in all other events.

Supplementary entries may be accepted for this regatta to fill vacant lanes on such terms and conditions as advised at the time of calling for such entries.

Late entries may be accepted at the sole discretion of Regatta Control.

2023-02-04 15:39:41
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