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Results: Manawatu Grunt

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

# Category Names Club Time Prognostic %
12MsM2xHealy, VestappenAWG23.1686.84%
2HM2-Ashley, NielsenWEL23.1886.71%
9HW1xA BealingHOR24.5385.12%
29LWM1xC PaulPET25.3584.05%
16JM2xTate, RoachHOR24.0783.78%
10HM1xB TateHOR25.2383.44%
17MM2xAdin, WatsonHOR24.4481.69%
21JW8+u19 8PET24.1581.54%
22JM4xMather, Sele, Wehr-Chandhas, HunterWEL23.0681.14%
8JW4+Harris, Preston, Joblin, ArlaudWEL26.1380.99%
3HM4xMoreno, Croad, Manawaiti, DudleyPOR22.2080.77%
15MM4xEvans, Upchurch, Hammond, LuffAWG23.1580.61%
14MM4-Stewart, O'Brien, Smith. SpriggensAWG23.4580.50%
19JM2xTrappit, WellsSTA25.0880.39%
20JW4xWilson, Goldsbury, Waddington, NeilSTA25.2580.34%
7JM1+A TateHOR27.2180.02%
1JW2xMacindoe, GordonHOR28.0778.99%
11MsM1xA WhiteleyHOR27.4578.87%
4HM4+Club 4+PET24.2778.20%
18HM1xM TurkWEL27.1377.82%
5JW4x+Club 4x+PET25.5476.34%
28JW4xMajor, Pilkington, Calder, LoorsPOR26.4976.15%
26JW2xNgamanu, HarrisSTA29.2675.45%
13HM4-Club 4-PET24.5474.22%
30JM8+Briggs, Roach, Sele etcWEL24.1273.86%
6HM4-Club 4-PET25.5071.54%
25JW4xKnott, Wain, Miller, WawataiSTA29.3569.03%
24MMx8+Sayer, o'Brian, Renall etcWEL26.5466.45%
23MMX4xNielsen, T, Bedford, Nielson, TrappitSTA28.2665.92%
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