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Results: Manawatu Grunt

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

# Category Names   Club   Time Prognostic %
3 W 1X Erin-Monique Shelton PETC 27:26 97.51%
7 M Mst 2X Des Healy, Bruce Tate COMP 24:38 91.33%
19 M Mst 4 Pat Spriggens, Sam McCarthy, Barry Banks, Craig Smith AWGC 24:10 91.29%
1 M 1X Owen O'Brien PETC 26:59 90.57%
18 M Mst 4X Richard Brock, Murray Carey, Tony Upchurch, Trevor Rush AWGC 23:58 90.23%
2 M 1X Andrew Bealing HORC 27:12 89.85%
9 W Mst 2X Steph Rush, Jacs Rush AWGC 28:22 87.47%
10 M Jnr 2X Sean Flett, Geoge Daley PORC 26:47 87.04%
15 W 4X Sarah Blackmore, Ronnie Morgan, Nyra Boyle, Amelia Gilbert-Milne STAC 26:48 85.13%
12 M 4X Arran Smith, Josh Royal, Levi Roache, John Tate HORC 24:27 85.12%
13 M 4X Ben Scott, Michael Tong, Zac Newton, David Robinson STAC 24:49 83.87%
8 Mx 2X Rees Ward, Emily Wilson STAC 27:53 82.53%
22 M 4X James McAnellan, Troy O'Reilly, Patrick O'Reilly Matthew Shepherd PETC 25:24 81.94%
20 W Jnr 4X Grace Whitaker, Gemma Billingham, Gina O'Reilly, Claire Hardie PETC 29:07 80.93%
23 W 4 Annie Te One, Ivana Griacom, Eleanor Craig, Katie Burgess PORC 29:20 80.75%
17 W Jnr 4X Phoebe Christensen, Christina Neil, Alex Ware, Jackie Kiddle, Emily Barker STAC 29:13 80.65%
27 Mx 8+ Colin Luu, Caroline Robertson, Sarah Houston, Lisa Rofe, Camilla Anderson,
Stew Robertson, Jordan Tohiairiki, Reuben Dickinson, Stacey Hone (cox)
PETC 27:12 75.82%
25 M 8+ Lewis Richards, Sebastian Pios, Max Butchers, Michael Abernethy, Angus
Hancock, Tim Saunders, Cameron Forsyth, Brook Walker, Harry Fenwiche (cox)
STAC 25:50 74.90%
26 W 8+ Liah Stratford, Kerri Ganier, Mikayla Welsh, Jessica Forest, Jackie Gowler,
Stephanie Sanderson, Caitlin Hapeta, Kate Jordon, Sophie Nevill (Cox)
NGTA 31:10 73.20%
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