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Results: Manawatu Grunt

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #Boat typeCrewClubRace timePrognostic %
2B, U17 1XJayde ThomasPORC00:28:5399.50%
19W, Club 4XAmy Robson, Elyse Rothery, Kate Jordan, Francie MorrowWELC00:26:5899.39%
4M, MstA 1XPaul MorenoWELC00:29:0998.59%
3M, MstD 1XPat CarrollUNWC00:29:5198.44%
26Mx, Club 4xJ McNallan, Beth Ross, P O'Reilly, Lisa RofePETC00:26:0298.42%
9M, Club 1XJamie SaundersPETC00:29:1398.37%
22M, Club 2XBruce Tate, John TateHORC00:27:0497.83%
11G, L/W 2XLucy Rutten Gabriella GiaconPORC00:28:4996.37%
6M, Club 1XAndrew BealingHORC00:29:5296.23%
7M, Club 1XBrook WalkerSTAC00:30:0895.37%
20M, Club 2XJames Watson, James DorneHORC00:28:1293.90%
23B, U18 4+STAC00:26:1493.55%
8M, Club 1XHenry LeeSTAC00:31:2391.58%
28G, U16 8X+STAC00:28:5691.52%
25B, U18 4X+STAC00:26:5391.29%
24B, U18 4X+STAC00:27:0890.45%
17G, U18 4X+STAC00:29:2689.96%
18W, Club 4-A Pudney, S Legge, A Temple, B MatthewsPETC00:30:5589.82%
15G, U17 4X+Stella Hudson, Olive Brown, Sarah Smith,
Ashley McCarty Carnahan + Tasha Wypych (Cox)
29B, U18 8+STAC00:25:5587.22%
12G, U18 2XPhoebe Stallman, Sophie FitzgeraldSTAC00:31:5586.00%
27M, Club 4XJosh Williams, Daniel Gendall, Alex Gunn, Nathan WallaceSTAC00:28:3585.86%
13W, MstD 4XHelen Hansen, Jo Mason, Kirsten McKenzie, Joanne ParkerHORC00:32:0383.63%
1M, MstH 1XRod TrottUNWC00:37:4481.30%
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