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Results: Manawatu Grunt

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

1F5M Club 2XKyle MaloneWELC00:26:5798.25%
2A1M Mst50 1XBruce TateHORO00:30:0097.95%
3F6M Club 1XBrad CarterWELC00:29:3797.04%
4D7B U18 1XT CummackSTAC00:29:1795.94%
5F0M Club 2XMark BrocklehurstWELC00:27:4395.54%
6A0M Club 1XS WilkinsSTAC00:30:3993.77%
7C1G U16 4X+Olivia TaylorPORC00:29:4193.56%
8A6M Club 1XCotterWELC00:30:5293.11%
9D5B U16 4X+Matthew JohnsonSTAC00:27:5892.37%
10D4B U17 2XGeorge McIntyreSTAC00:28:4791.99%
11A9M Club 1XB WalkerWELC00:31:1991.77%
12A4M Club 4-Andrew BealingHORO00:27:1791.13%
13F7W Nov 2XJennifer Acton-PhillipsWELC00:32:2589.65%
14F2G U15 4X+Meg ThompsonWELC00:31:4989.31%
15D2G U16 4X+Niamh MurphySTAC00:31:2988.21%
16B2B U18 2XTroix KokichPETC00:29:3587.32%
17D8G U17 4X+Hannah HodgkinsonSTAC00:31:2386.43%
18B1G U18 8+Ashlee CurtisPETC00:29:0985.30%
19D3B U17 2XJames NicholasSTAC00:31:1884.60%
20F8Mx Mst49 8+Allan MillsWELC00:28:5384.23%
21C2G U18 4XRebecca RamsayPORC00:32:0082.75%
22F9W Nov 8+Adelaide BrownWELC00:32:0182.70%
23D1B U15 8+Ricky KiddleSTAC00:30:0582.65%
24E1G U17 8x+Nina LawrenceSTAC00:31:3280.90%
25C3B U18 4+Adam StellaPORC00:30:4680.82%
26A3W Mst40 2XHelen HansenHORO00:35:2379.40%
27B3Mx Mst50 8+Phillipa ArguePETC00:31:5579.26%
28A7M Club 4X+J KovacsWELC00:31:2678.08%
29F1G U16 4X+Lucy WitkowskiWELC00:36:4074.86%

results courtesy: A Bealing, HORC

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