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Results: Manawatu Grunt

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

C8HORC2James Dorne-McDonald, Bruce Tate, Kevin Horan, Andrew BealingM Clb 40:24:1290.23%
C6WELC6Elizabeth Pittman, Sarah Wootton, Laura James, Tracey BatesW Snr 4X0:26:0988.81%
C5STAC1Bernadette Fischer, Nicole Olivecrona, Kate Barham, Ava JohnstonW Snr 4X0:26:1388.59%
B3PETC4Zoey Kung, Mackenzie TuffinW Clb 2X0:27:3388.47%
B1HORO3Tasha Carver, Rachael CorcoranW Int 2X0:28:4386.74%
C9WELC1Lewis Aitchison, Sep Tolboom, Tom Bone, Josh PalmerM Snr 40:24:3586.49%
B5WELC7Liam McArthur, Max NewtonM Snr 20:26:4086.03%
A4WELC9Connor AustinM Snr 1X0:29:0184.00%
C3WELC11Eleanor Chichester, Georgia McConchie-Murray, Alison Faulls, Ange Rogers + Angela Holgate (cox)W Snr 4+0:28:3183.49%
B7WELC2James Daly, Josh ClarkM Clb 2X0:27:1982.98%
B4WELC4Jamie Williams, Verity TaylorW Clb 2X0:29:3682.34%
C1WELC5Cara McAree, Madison Taylor, Kyla Dey, Ciara Fenwick + Ella Greenslade (cox)W Clb 4+0:29:5381.56%
A2HORC1Taylor CantyM Int 1X0:31:4180.56%
A1STAC3Yasmin KesryW Int 1X0:34:5580.34%
D3PETC2Sam McRobbie, Luke Soper, Steve Bielby, Reg Kumpher, William Dee, Rory Whitfield, Eddie Aitcheson, Conor Excell + Ethan Tuffin (cox)M Int 8+0:26:1378.89%
D1PETC1Felisa Roldan, Michelle Soper, Gabriella Edmonds, Raewyn Curtis, Fiona Burney, Phillipa Argue, Caroline Robertson, Sarah Houston + Anna Sissons (cox)W Int 8+0:28:4578.84%
C7PETC3Richmond Atkinson, John Hitchcock, Drew Duncan, Paul ColesM M60 4X0:28:3978.18%
D4WELC3Andrew Wild, Paul Daley, Amy McMullan, Brad Carter, Mark Brown, Jason King, Huw Mitchell, Allan Mills + Richard May (cox)Mx Int 8+0:26:4077.55%
C2STAC2Awatea Wallace, Milla Fogarty, Emma Thirkell, Rakaia Burwell-Garratt + Jessie Davidson (cox)W Int 4X+0:31:2476.63%
C4HORC1Tamara Ross, Jane McGimpsey, Jo Mason, Kate JuddW Int 4X0:31:5474.64%
A3WELC10Daniel LoaderM Int 1X0:34:2074.35%
B6WELC8Joel Rihari Watene, Sean O'ConnorM Snr 20:31:4172.41%
D2PETC5Maeghan Casey, Ashley Smith, Annie van Krimpen, Sydney McLean, Mia Kilmister, Helena Rivers-Milliken, Isabelle Sears, Ella Livingston + Jemma Allwood (cox)W Clb 8+DNS00.00%

results courtesy: A Bealing, HORC

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