Notices: N.I.S.S.C.

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2024 N.I. Secondary School Championships.

Day Sheet

Sunday's daysheet is now published.

2024-03-02 16:33:32
Day sheet

The second part of Saturday's day sheet has been released. See day sheet.
The most recent weather forecasts have been reviewed. Today's racing will finish with the end of semi-finals. Finals racing is scheduled to start on Sunday morning.

2024-03-02 11:38:32
Day sheet

The first part of Saturday's daysheet has been released. See day sheet.

2024-03-01 18:01:47
Progressions and the weather

The progression shown in the day sheet is [NZSSRA's Option 8(]. To complete the regatta using this progression good weather will be required. The forecast is NOT for good weather.

It may be necessary to change to an alternative progression system e.g. using heats times as time trial times to progress directly to finals.

In the worst case scenario, if finals can't be completed, heats times may be used to award medals and trophies. It is rare but it has happened before.
• It is crucial crews are made aware that their times could be critical.
• If the weather does not cooperate then a crew's placing might not be sufficient for it to progress from the heats in the same way as if the weather does cooperate.

Please make sure your crews know this!

2024-02-29 13:10:56
Day Sheet

A day sheet is now available for Friday. Subsequent day sheets will be released as the regatta progresses.

2024-02-29 13:04:38
Live streaming

NZSSRA Championships regattas (NISS, SISS, and Aon Maadi Regatta) are sanctioned events by School Sport NZ. By sanctioning these events, School Sport NZ ensures a wide range of quality sport opportunities are accessible to the school sector and, importantly, that schools can have confidence in sending students.

For 2024 and onward a condition of sanctioning will be that ALL event providers must adhere to the following specific clauses:
1. The ability for a school/principal to opt out of broadcasting for their teams at the point of principal sign off; and
2. Events for U15 students will not be broadcast.

Please note: This only applies to U15 events not to other events where U15 students might be competing in such as the U18 novice events.

This information has gone out in the Schools and Clubs Newsletters we would appreciate people also mentioning it to student rowers' parents. The earlier and more widely this information is relayed and the expectation is set, the less chance there is for disappointment later in the season.

If you have any queries regarding this livestreaming policy, please contact Nicki Paterson from School Sport NZ.

2023-12-04 16:31:38
Entry limits

The following entry limits will apply:
1. Maximum of 3 events per rower
2. Maximum of 2 crews per school in each event for all events except eights and octuples, which have a limit of 4.

2023-11-30 16:37:13
Workload recommendation

Starting in 2015, NZSSRA Championship regattas have all operated under the following recommendation:

Number of events per pupil
"After seeking advice from physiologists, leading elite coaches and the NZ Secondary School Sports Council, the Schools Committee makes the following health & safety recommendation:
school age rowers should only be racing two events at a Championships regatta;
a few rowers could be considered for three events; none should be doing more."

The NZSSRA Rules were amended at the 2023 SGM to allow a per-student limit to be put in place (no lower than 3). So there is now limit in place preventing students from being over-entered.

2023-11-30 11:01:06
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