Notices: NZ Masters Champs

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2022 NZ Masters Championships.

End of Regatta

Thanks for coming out and racing this beautiful weekend. Travel home safely.

2022-09-18 16:24:21
Points Trophy

If you check your points for the UNCC Trophy and click on your club's name, it will take you to your individual results. These only show finals, not divisions. However, the total points for each club include placings in both finals and divisions so they are accurate!

2022-09-18 12:01:37
Day 1 Races Over!

Thanks for some great racing and see you all back here tomorrow. Day 2 daysheet released.

2022-09-17 16:48:56

Medals are not correct in rowIT until adjusted for overseas crews and events with mixed age grades competing in one division or final. Earlier events will have medals listed correctly. More recent events might be subject to adjustment.

2022-09-17 12:40:51

Day sheet for Saturday has been released

2022-09-16 17:48:06

There is a cross-country event taking place at Karapiro domain on the Friday before the regatta. We have been asked that no boat trailers access the boat park before 2.30pm. Thus, if you are planning to arrive earlier than 2.30, you should park in Judd Lane.

2022-09-14 12:20:03
Safety Briefing Time Change!

Important Notice: there has been a change in the location and time of the pre-regatta safety briefing. It will now take place 1 hour before the first race on Saturday, on the steps in front of the Waipa Room. Note the Conditions state that any entrant entity that does not have a representative at the safety briefing shall be excluded from racing.

2022-09-14 12:19:30
Karapiro dam road closed!

A reminder to not come into the Karapiro Village intending to cross the dam - it is now closed till March 2023.

2022-09-05 16:47:09
Boat park

30. Boat Park:
a) No Boats or Boat Trailers are to be placed in the Boat Park before 12pm (midday) on Thursday 15th September 2022 under any circumstances.
b) Boats and Boat Trailers are to be removed by 8pm on the last day of the regatta unless remaining pursuant to a private arrangement between the Club and the Waipa District Council, whereby the club has agreed to pay all charges incurred to the Waipa District Council. Proof of the arrangement may be required.
c) No trailers are to be parked in the Boat Park this season unless authorised in writing by Karapiro Rowing Incorporated.

2022-08-23 18:00:25
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