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Results: R2K

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

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Place Club/School Sculler Race time
1WAIHOPAI R C B1Bailey Lovett9:40:40
2TIMARU R C B1Sarah Bruce9:46:77
3WAIHOPAI R C B2Brittany Allan9:54:68
4VILLA MARIA COLLEGE B1Rachel McCann10:02:43
5VILLA MARIA COLLEGE B2Brylea Smith10:02:70
6ST ANDREWS COLLEGE B1Ella Prier10:09:13
7NORTH END R C B1Mathilda Hasselman11:31:35
8OAMARU R C B1Charlotte Borrie11:37:67
1CURE B C B1 (U14)Brendan Moore8:36:97
GIRLS U15 1X: A Final
1MARIAN GIRLS COLLEGE 1Bea Heaphy-Hall9:10:96
2WAIRAU R C 1Georgia Hammond9:17:22
3TIMARU R C 2Abigail Goodhew9:24:52
4OAMARU R C 1Tegan Simpson9:26:34
5MT ASPIRING COLLEGE 1Georgina Galloway9:41:55
6TIMARU R C 1Louise Livesey9:42:43
7NORTH END R C 1Amelia Kinnaird9:48:64
8WAIHOPAI R C 1Stephanie Buckeridge9:49:79
 B Final
1RANGI RURU GIRLS SCHOOL 1Jenny Storey9:41:16
2OTAGO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 1Sophie Dunn10:17:80
3VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 1Laura Williams10:25:40
4OAMARU R C 2Jade Winter11:52:71
BOYS U15 1X: A Final
1BLENHEIM R C 1Stefan Meaclem8:04:68
2INVERCARGILL R C 1Hayden Cohen8:11:87
3ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 1Sam Crosbie8:24:01
4UNION R C 1Nathan Flannery8:35:60
5BLENHEIM R C 2Ethan Ward8:35:93
7OAMARU R C 1Patrick Kearney8:43:29
8TIMARU R C 1Brad Darling8:46:09
 B Final
 CURE B C 2Alex Kennedy 
 WAIHOPAI R C 3James Lilley 
 WAIHOPAI R C 2Toby Pascoe 
 CURE B C 1Hamish Waters 
GIRLS U16 1X: A Final
1WAIRAU R C 1Kathrin Ketterer9:15:30
2WAIHOPAI R C 2Julie Russell9:28:21
3ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 2Katherine Millar9:36:01
4ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 3Maryann Henderson9:37:00
5OTAGO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 1Kate Hunter9:49:96
6TIMARU R C 1Elizabeth Ireland9:52:87
7WAIHOPAI R C 1Nicole Dyet9:59:90
 B Final
1ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 1Louise Thomas9:40:40
2TWIZEL R C 1Zoe Evans9:48:59
3VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 1Izzy Childs9:59:57
4VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 2Monique Bates10:22:70
5VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 3Grace Ryder10:38:24
BOYS U16 1X: A final
1WAIHOPAI R C 1Mark O'Connor8:02:96
2CURE B C 2Julian Svoboda8:05:76
3BLENHEIM R C 2Karl Manson8:06:64
4CURE B C 1Evan Kennedy8:11:47
5OTAGO R C 1Thomas Stott8:21:74
6ST BEDES COLLEGE 1Louis Kimber8:38:83
7ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 1Jared Glue8:40:53
8INVERCARGILL R C 1Dillion Redpath9:01:56
 B Final
1BLENHEIM R C 1Shane Thomas8:33:94
2TIMARU R C 2Stephen Burt8:39:71
3TIMARU R C 1Jack Proudfoot8:51:57
4ST BEDES COLLEGE 2Jono Taylor9:01:18
5OTAGO BOYS HIGH SCHOOL 1Daniel Gold9:07:88
6OTAGO BOYS HIGH SCHOOL 2Julius Keepa9:15:08
GIRLS U17 1X: A Final
1TIMARU R C 3Emily Stocker10:12:97
2RANGI RURU GIRLS SCHOOL 1Sophie Spiers10:26:92
3INVERCARGILL R C 2Jessica Flett10:32:91
4TIMARU R C 1Lydia Dockrill10:35:65
5OTAGO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 2Gemma Ross10:39:83
6TWIZEL R C 1Caitlin Feasey10:49:66
7OTAGO UNIVERSITY R C 2Sam Scott10:50:65
8VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 1Jessie Hansen11:23:55
 B Final
1OTAGO UNIVERSITY R C 1Bridget Ralston10:34:78
2VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 2Lydia Hogan10:45:32
3TIMARU R C 2Nicola Durie10:47:52
4OTAGO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 1Anna Vandenbosch10:51:09
5VILLA MARIA COLLEGE 3Rachel Kennedy10:51:91
6INVERCARGILL R C 1Lydia Hayward10:55:59
7NORTH END R C 1Rebekah Harp10:57:68
8CURE B C 1Nicole Brian11:01:47
1TIMARU R C 1Finian Scott9:03:16
2OAMARU R C 1Cameron Nimmo9:13:21
3OTAGO R C 1Albert Hanson9:25:29
4BLENHEIM R C 1Kurt Williamson9:30:89
5BLENHEIM R C 2Daniel Beavis9:45:28
6WAIHOPAI R C 1T.J Leeming9:55:56
7UNION R C 1R Lennie10:09:40
8INVERCARGILL R C 1Daniel Calvert10:50:54
1NORTH END R C 1Lucy Strack10:12:86
2WAIRAU R C 1Laura Tester10:31:04
3CURE B C 1Erica Kennedy10:51:91
4CURE B C 2Frances Paterson11:12:45
BOYS U18 1X: A Final
1NELSON R C 1Blair Jones8:57:84
2WAIRAU R C 1Robbie Manson9:10:86
3CURE B C 1Armin Svoboda jnr9:13:00
4ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 1Samuel Thomson9:14:70
5CANTERBURY R C 1Alistair Bond9:22:83
6BLENHEIM R C 1Ryan Brown9:25:08
7ST ANDREWS COLLEGE 3Simon Van Rossen10:04:41
 B Final
1UNION R C 1Brogan Kerr9:38:14
2AVON R C 1Nathan Keys10:02:86

PHOTO: A photo of the winners with their prizes is available on the RowingNZ website.

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