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Results: R2K

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Place Club/School Sculler Race time
Event 1 GIRLS U14 1X
1WAIHOPAI R C 1Lauren Buckenridge9:16:07
2WAIRAU R C 1Maddie Davies9:29:31
3WAIHOPAI R C 2Lori Comer9:41:61
4TIMARU R C 1Laura Small
5OAMARU R C 1Bethany Robertson
6WAIHOPAI R C 3Kirsten Froude
7TIMARU R C 3Heather Livesey
Event 2 BOYS U14 1X
1TIMARU R C 1William Crawford8:59:64
2WAIHOPAI R C 1Dylan Lovett9:02:44
Event 3 GIRLS U15 1X
1WAIHOPAI R C 2Brittany Allan9:47:05
2WAIHOPAI R C 3Katelyn Froude9:48:69
3WAIHOPAI R C 1Bailey Lovett10:06:94
4TIMARU R C 1Sarah Bruce
5STAC 2Ella Prier
6PCU R C 1Melissa Johnston
7PCU R C 2Eve Kennedy
8STAC 1Natalie Hodge
Event 4 BOYS U15 1X
1UNION R C 1Josh Tansey9:32:87
2ST BEDES 1Oliver Stone9:34:91
3STAC 2Alastair Sinclair9:47:10
4WAIHOPAI R C 2Oliver Todd
5WAIHOPAI R C 1Ben Peters
6WAIHOPAI R C 3Ben Leeming
Event 5 GIRLS U16 1X
1TIMARU R C 3Louise Livesey9:49:74
2TIMARU R C 1Abi Goodhew9:50:01
3WAIRAU R C 1Georgia Hammond10:00:50
4PCU R C 1Hazel Dawson
5CURE B C 1Heather Giles
6WAIHOPAI R C 2Lucy Williams
7CURE B C 2Rebekah Salt
Event 6 BOYS U16 1X
1INVERCARGILL R C 1Hayden Cohen8:13:61
2STAC 1Sam Crosbie8:18:50
3OBHS 1Robert Mears8:24:21
4WAIHOPAI R C 2Ollie Behrent
5WAIRAU R C 1Stephan Meaclem
6UNION R C 2Nathan Flannery
7ST BEDES 1Blake Houghton
8WAIHOPAI R C 1Toby Pascoe
Event 7 GIRLS U17 1X
1WAIHOPAI R C 2Lisa Owen9:19:09
2WAIRAU R C 2Gretchen Dalzell9:24:86
3WAIHOPAI R C 1Julie Russell9:25:19
4WAIRAU R C 1Nicola Watts
5STAC 1Louise Thomas
6TWIZEL R C 1Asher Sheppard
Event 8 BOYS U17 1X
1CURE B C 1Julian Svoboda7:53:40
2WAIRAU R C 1Karl Manson7:59:99
3WAIHOPAI R C 1Mark O'Connor8:13:89
4OTAGO R C 1Tom Stott
5OBHS 1Chris James
6STAC 1Andrew King
7STAC 2Jared Glue
8WAIRAU R C 2Shane Thomas
Event 9 GIRLS U18 1X
1TIMARU R C 1Lydia Dockrill9:04:20
2INVERCARGILL R C 1Jessica Flett9:10:08
3UNION R C 1Bridget Clark9:38:20
Event 10 BOYS U18 1X
1OAMARU R C 1Cameron Nimmo8:17:29
2UNION R C 1Lance Smith8:22:40
3WAIHOPAI R C 1TJ Leeming8:28:33
4WAIRAU R C 1Kurt Williamson
Event 12 MENS OPEN 1X
1WAIHOPAI R C 1Matthew Malcolm7:29:51
2NORTH END R C 2Michael Nisbet7:32:37
3AVON R C 1Adam Milne7:42:91
4TIMARU R C 1Andrew Darling
1WAIHOPAI R C 1Sarah Barnes8:36:36
2NORTH END R C 1Sonya McDonald8:42:57
3INVERCARGILL R C 1Toni Eade8:47:56
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