Results: Te Awamutu Rowing Club Regatta

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

EVENT 2 (1): WU174xEVENT 2 (2): WU174xEVENT 3 : WS1x
1stCambridge 211stCambrige 221stWaikato 11
2ndCambridge 312ndWaikato 22ndWaitemata1
3rdHamilton 3rdTe Awamutu3rdHawkes Bay 1
4thSt George 4thWhangarei4thWest End
5thWaikato 5thCambridge 325thHawkes Bay 2
6thWaikato 116th6thCambridge 1
7th7th7thHawkes Bay 3
8th8th8thCambridge 31
9thCambrige 1
Note: Boat No's Unclear
EVENT 4: WS2-EVENT 5 (1): MM2xEVENT 5 (2): MM2x
1stHamilton1stWest End1stAuck. Gramm
2ndWaikato 112ndWaikato 12ndHamilton
3rdHawkes Bay3rdWhangarei3rdMercer 4
4thCambridge 4thMercer 24thWest End 2
5thWaikato 115thSt George5thWaikato 2
6thWaikato 06thMercer 16thMercer 3
EVENT 6 (1): MS1-EVENT 6 (2): MS1-EVENT 7: MC4x+
1stWest End 11stWest End 21stCambridge
2ndHawkes Bay 12ndHamilton 12ndAuckland
3rdHawkes Bay 23rdWest End 33rdHamilton 1
4thCambridge 214thCambridge 324th
5thAuckland 15thHawkes Bay 35th
6th6thCambridge 336th
7th7thAuckland 27th
EVENT 8 : WN8+EVENT 9 (1): MS2-EVENT 9 (2): MS2-
1stWaikato 111stAuck. Gramm1stWest End 1
2ndWaikato 122ndCambridge 12ndWaikato 8
3rdCambridge 313rdHawkes Bay 13rdHamilton 3
4thTe Awamutu4thHamilton 24thWhangarei 2
5thHamilton5thWaikato 65thHamilton 1
6thWaikato 16thWhangarei 16thWaikato 7
7th7th7thWaikato 5
EVENT 10 : MU174xEVENT 11: WP1xEVENT 12: MW8+
1stCambridge 311stNZSS1stSt George
2ndWaikato 52ndWaikato 12nd
3rdWaikato 63rdWaikato 43rd
4thSt George 4thWaikato 54th
5thCambridge 335thHawkes Bay 15th
6thCambridge 216thWaikato 26th
7thWaikato 77thWaikato 37th
8thCambridge 328thWaikato 68th
9thWest End
EVENT 13: MP1xEVENT 14: WP2-EVENT 15: WC4x+
1stNZSS 11stNZSS1stHawkes Bay
2ndNZSS 22ndWaikato2ndSt George
3rdNZSS 43rdHamilton3rdWhangarei
4thNZSS 34th4thCambridge 31
5thWaikato 15th5thTe Awamutu
6thCambridge 16th6thWaikato
7thHawkes Bay7th7th
8thWest End 8th8th
9thCambridge 2
EVENT 16: MN8x+EVENT 17: MP2-EVENT 18: WU158+
1stHamilton 11stNZSS 11stWaikato 11
2ndWaikato 52ndNZSS 22ndCambridge 21
3rdWaikato 63rdAuck. Gramm3rdCambridge 31
4thAuckland 4thCambridge 14thWaikato 11
5thWaikato 75thWest End5th
6thHamilton 26thHamilton6th
EVENT19: MM4+/MM4-EVENT 20: WM2xEVENT 21: WU178+
1stWaikato 11stWest End1stCambridge 21
2ndHamilton2ndSt George 12ndWaikato 11
3rdWest End3rdSt George 23rdWaikato 11
4thMercer 14th4thHamilton
5thMercer 25th5th
6thSt George6th6th
7thWaikato 27th7th
EVENT 22: WN4+EVENT 23 (1): WS2xEVENT 23 (2): WS2x
1stWaikato 121stWaitemata1stHawkes Bay 2
2ndSt George2ndCambridge 12ndCambridge 2
3rdHamilton 13rdCambridge 213rdCambridge 31
4thTe Awamutu 24thSt George4thWaikato 11
5thTe Awamutu 15thHawkes Bay 15thWaikato 11
6thHamilton 26thCambridge 326thWhangarei 2
EVENT 24 : MU158+EVENT 25 (1): MC4+EVENT 25 (2): MC4+
1stWaikato 51stHawkes Bay 11stWaikato 6
2ndWaikato 62ndWaikato 52ndWest End 2
3rdCambridge 313rdWhangarei 13rdTe Awamutu
4th4thHamilton 14thHamilton 2
5th5thWest End 15thWhangarei 2
6th6thAuckland 16thHamilton 3
7th7thWaikato 17thAuckland 2
EVENT 26: MU178+EVENT 27: WP4-EVENT 28: MM8+
1stWaikato 51stWaikato1stWaikato
2ndWaikato 62nd2ndHamilton
3rdCambridge 313rd3rdMercer
4thCambridge 214th4thSt George
EVENT 29 : MP4-EVENT 30 (1): MN4+EVENT 30 (2): MN4+
1stNZSS1stHamilton 11stWaikato 7
2ndCambridge2ndWaikato 52ndWaikato 8
3rd3rdAuckland 13rdHamilton 3
4th4thWaikato 14thHamilton 4
5th5thHamilton 25th
EVENT 32(1): MS2xEVENT 32(2): MS2xEVENT 33: WC8+
1stWest End 11stHawkes Bay 31stCambridge 1
2ndCambridge 12ndHamilton 22ndCambridge 21
3rdHawkes Bay 13rdWest End 23rdCambridge 22
4thHamilton 14thAuckland 24thWaikato
5thHawkes Bay 25thCambridge 225thTe Awamutu
6thCambridge 216thCambridge 326th
7thAuckland 47thCambridge 337th
8thSt George 1DNFHamilton 38th
9thCambridge 31
EVENT 34 : MU154+EVENT 35: WP2xEVENT 36: MU174+
1stWaikato 51stWaikato 11stWaikato 5
2ndWaikato 62ndWaikato 32ndWaikato 6
3rdWaikato 73rdHawkes Bay3rdCambridge 31
4thCambridge 324thWaikato 24thAuckland
5thCambridge 315thWaitemata5thCambridge 32
EVENT 37: MP2xEVENT 38: WU154+EVENT 39: MC8+
1stNZSS 11stSt George1stWest End
2ndNZSS 22ndHamilton2ndHamilton
3rdWest End 13rd3rdNZSS 1
4thCambridge 14th4thAuckland
7th7th7thTe Awamutu
EVENT 40: WU174+EVENT 41: MU184+EVENT 43: MCL4+
1stSt George1stWaikato 11stWaikato 5
2ndWaikato 32ndWaikato 22ndWaikato 6
3rdWhangarei (WC4+)3rdWhangarei3rd
4thWaikato 114th4th
5thWaikato 125th5th
6thHamilton 16th6th
EVENT 45: WU184+EVENT 46: MP8+
1stWaikato 11stWaikato (womens)
2ndWaikato 22ndNZSS
3rd3rdHawkes Bay
4th4thWest End
5th5thCambridge (womens)
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