Results: ARC 6K Winter Series race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat # Club Crew Type Race time Prognostic %
1KGCACumminsB U18 1X00:23:2081.13%
2KGCACaroB U18 1X00:24:3177.22%
4KGCAShannonB U17 1X00:25:1176.02%
0EBSC Mx M50 4X00:22:3575.73%
1AKLCSwarbrick (Tony Popp)M M50 4-00:21:5775.49%
2AKLCFox (R Giese)M50 4X00:22:1273.77%
5KGCAHallB U17 1X00:26:1672.88%
2GLDWVodanovichB U16 2X00:24:0372.42%
8AKLCBeardshawMx M50 4X00:23:3872.37%
5AKLCTries (Keith Hibberd)Mx M40 2X00:24:3071.98%
8AKLCRichard/Charles (Lobb)M M50 2-00:25:0771.85%
6SGEC Mx M60 4X+00:24:4171.44%
6AKLCWing Wang (TDD)M Club 2X00:23:5471.13%
3AKLCDuffettB U17 1X00:26:5671.08%
1DIOC G U17 1X00:30:0170.09%
1AKLCShane DrydenW Club 2X00:26:0969.90%
3GLDW B U16 4X+00:23:4569.77%
2GLDW G U16 1X00:30:3068.98%
1SGEC1W M60 4X00:26:2068.53%
 SGEC M M60 2X00:26:0668.42%
6AKLCGregorM M40 1X00:27:5167.97%
7AKLCLeslie MilneW Club 4X00:26:0367.70%
4HOWI B U17 4+00:25:0866.84%
4DIOC(2)G U17 2X00:28:0066.72%
4HOWI G U16 4+00:28:0666.48%
3HOWI G U17 2X00:28:2265.86%
5KGCA G U17 2X00:28:3665.32%
2DIOC(1)G U17 2X00:28:5564.60%
6GLDW G U16 2X00:30:5960.29%
2GLDW G U16 2X00:31:2859.37%
2AKLCPeter MasfenW M60 4X00:32:1056.10%

Results courtesy: M Smyth

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