Results: ARC 6K Winter Series race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Club Boat # Crew Type Race time Prognostic %
EBSC0W DoubleW M50 2X00:26:0991.05%
AKLC5Panmure (Luke)M Snr 1X00:24:4587.83%
KICC8OggB U17 2X00:23:3986.65%
NSHC6Rangi DeLongW M50 4X-00:26:3083.86%
AKGC8B U17 8+00:22:1183.50%
AKLC3Roger Giese (Arthur)M Int 4X-00:23:1582.87%
AKLC5Roy Shepard (Waldo)M Snr 2X00:23:3982.42%
AKLC9Tamaki (Hayden)M Clb 1X00:28:2082.08%
AKLC7Shane Dryden (Karen)W Snr 2-00:27:1081.98%
MACL5GunnG U17 4X+00:28:0381.96%
AKLC3Keith H (Abel)M Int 2X00:25:0381.80%
GLDW2Mike Harrison (Theo)B U18 4X-00:23:4681.07%
AKGC7B U17 8+00:22:5480.87%
AKLC4Ian Corbett (Eric)M Clb 2-00:26:0380.65%
SGEC4Len (Fotherby)M M60 1X00:29:5480.20%
AKLC1EBSMx M50 8+00:23:5779.83%
AKLC4Lionel Gray (Alex)M Clb 4+00:24:4278.92%
KICC7MoranB U17 4X+00:25:2978.48%
SGEC1Allan Vester (Fenton)W M60 4X-00:29:0478.19%
KICC6ForsytheB U17 4X+00:25:5077.42%
AKLC8Tina Duff DobsonW Clb 2X00:32:0073.53%
KICC9LudbrookB U17 2X00:28:0073.19%
KICC1CaugheyB U17 2X00:28:0473.01%
KICC0PearceB U17 2X00:28:1172.71%
SGEC3Harry Parker (Mallinson)M M40 1X00:32:3071.56%
AKLC6Joanna MasfenW Snr 4-00:29:3570.72%
NSHC2Dilworth WilliamsM M50 2X00:29:0770.38%
SGEC2Betty (Hobbs)Mx M60 2X00:30:0070.03%

Results courtesy: M Smyth

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