Results: ARC 6K Winter Series race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat # Club Boat (crew) Type Race time Prognostic %
6AKLCTDD (Saskia)W Clb 2X00:27:2086.08%
1SGECAllan Vester (Marie Devoy)W M50 4X-00:26:3283.75%
3AKLCBruce Lodder (Holly)Mx Clb 4X-00:24:5383.72%
7AKLCShane Dryden (Amelie)W Int 2X00:28:5882.20%
1AKLCKeith Hibberd (Hugues)M Clb 2X00:24:4181.03%
2AKLCIan Corbett (Leetham)M Clb 2-00:26:0680.49%
2SGECMike Harrison (Alison Mcleod)W M60 4X-00:28:2979.79%
3SGECBetty le Grice (Chris Fotheby)Mx M50 2X00:27:1476.50%
4SGECStewart Hobbs (Faulconbridges)Mx M60 2X00:29:0472.28%
5SGECAthol (John de Pont)M M60 2X00:32:3266.10%

Results courtesy: AKLC

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