Results: Head of the Taieri

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

2OGUCM Club 4XP Hanson, F Favvel, W Hyndman, J Harvey27.411
1NOECM Club 4XN Terry, C James, C Bush, A Bond27.512
3OTACMx U18 4XT Stott, S Grant, J Jones, G Ross31.216
4OTACW Club 4XM Johnstone, J Edwards, L Jensen, J Rodda34.2913
5OTACM U16 4XJ Saville, J McKenzie, M Heslip, C Forward36.5916
20COLUW U16 4+B Roulston, E Ellen, L Caley, E Lizzie, C Foster(cox)38.2819
6OTACM U17 4X+L Copland, S Richardson, M Shaw, J Dodonski40.1721
8OTACW ClubR Perrie, G Brownstein31.547
10OTACMx MastK Pechtor, A Steinbrick32.419
11OTACM MastJ Parnell, W Sweetman33.4510
7NOECW ClubR O'Connell, K Hughes33.5411
9OGUCW ClubF Bourke, S Lindley34.3114
12OTACM MastM Jones, D Winton34.4615
13NOECM OpenM Nisbett29.443
15OTACM OpenR Wilden30.224
14NOECM ClubM Smaille31.185
16NOECM U18R Mears328
17OGUCW ClubA Fraser34.1512
19OTACM NovL Angland37.2517
18DUACW U17A Price38.1318
21QRCCW U16C Goldsmith39.1720
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