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Results: Head of the Waikato River

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

11:00AM division

Boat #Boat typeClubStrokeRace timeType place
1M Opn 8+HAMC 1Matt Paul39:542
2M Opn 8+NSHC 1B Holgate Simpson31:181
3B U18 8+CAMC 1P Griffin32:391
4B U18 8+WKOC 1B Elliott33:373
5B U18 8+WESC 1J Barrack33:112
6M Mst 8+WKOC 1A Auld38:46
7W Opn 4X-HAMC 1E Haman49:353
8W Opn 4X-WESC 1L Voorhaar39:461
9W Opn 4X-WKOC 1J Fellows44:092
10G U18 4X+CAMC 1B Housten 38:321
11G U18 4X+HAMG 1L King43:083
12G U18 4X+CAMC 2M Fuller38:552
13G U18 4X+CAMC 3J BakerSCR
14G U18 4X+HAMC 1A Turner46:564
15W Mst 4X-WKOC 1J Easton44:411
16W Opn 4+WESC 1Z White40:501
17G U18 4+HAMC 1V Nicholas42:241
18G U18 4+HAMC 2S Cooper53:312

2:00PM division

Boat #Boat typeClubStrokeRace timeType place
20W Opn 8+WESC 1Z White39:371
21W Opn 8+WKOC 1J Easton46:402
22G U18 8+CAMC 1E Thompson40:311
23G U18 8+CAMC 2E Butcher44:022
24G U18 8+CAMC 3M Baker46:243
25G U18 8+HAMC 1S Cooper46:45
26G U18 8+HAMC 2P Staheli46:354
27M Opn 4X-HAMC 1C Burgess42:262
28M Opn 4X-WKOC 1W Thopmson33:291
29B U18 4X+CAMC 1J Nel35:372
30B U18 4X+HAMC 1M Paul41:199
31B U18 4X+SJHM 1M Tamoaieta34:551
32B U18 4X+WESC 1T Berry36:233
33B U18 4X+CAMC 2D Bourke39:517
34B U18 4X+SJHM 2S Fulton38:176
35B U18 4X+CAMC 3J Maling41:4410
36B U18 4X+WKOC 1B Elliott37:395
37B U18 4X+WKOC 2C Calver40:228
41B U18 4+WESC 1J Barrack36:484
38M Opn 4+NSHC 1A Shotter36:031
39M Opn 4+NSHC 2B Holgate Simpson36:342
40B U18 4+SJHM 1C Adams44:331
41B U18 4X+WESC 1J Barrack

Results courtesy: C Stapleton & P Yeoman

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