Notices: Maadi

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2022 Maadi.

Updated Daysheet

The daysheet has been updated with the revised race times

2022-03-31 11:12:22
Event #42 B U18 2X

Event #42 B U18 2X has been moved to the end of today's racing, the daysheet has been updated.

2022-03-31 07:39:40
COVID-19 update (25 March)

Over the last 48 hours we have been working with South Island Rowing to determine how best we navigate our way through the 2022 Aon Maadi Cup while taking into account the changes that Government made to the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) on Wednesday 23rd March. The changes come into effect this evening at 11.59pm.

A. Zone system
To ensure the integrity of the regatta and to protect our key participants (rowers, school support teams and officials) from the ongoing spread of COVID-19 our zone system will be retained for the entirety of the 2022 Maadi Cup.

B. Spectators
We have agreed on a plan that will allow spectators to attend the regatta, in doing so the following strict parameters will be in place:

1. A spectator zone will only be available on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April 2022

2. Spectating at the lake will only be offered in a designated zone

3. Schools will be allocated three (3) tickets per registered rower

4. Schools have until 12 noon on Tuesday to confirm how many spectators tickets they would like by emailing following this confirmation we ask that a designated person from your school picks up your allocated tickets from the start area one hour after racing on Wednesday afternoon.

5. Each ticket will cost $20 which will give access for Friday and Saturday. Schools will be invoiced post the event for their total ticket cost

6. Spectators will be required to show both their ticket and valid Vaccination Pass at the gate either morning or they can come to the start area one hour after racing on Thursday, there ticket will be taken and they will be issued with a coloured wrist band.

7. Spectators parking will be available as outlined in the attached site map – all spectators are requested to come through gate B

8. Schools in zone 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 your viewing zones have been moved, please see the map for your location. We also ask that during the early part of the week you only have coaches and support staff there. Come Friday and Saturday your wider squad can view from these areas.

9. On Thursday schools in Zone 8, 9 and 10 will access the venue through gate A, this allow gate B for spectators only

10. We have created viewing zones for 18 and 19, please check the map for these.

11. All medal presentations will take place at the dais – medal winning crews will row to the dais at the end of their race. They will be managed in the area by our officials and socially distanced for the entire presentation

We ask that schools and their parents/supporters get behind our decisions and support and respect them. We have all worked incredibly hard this summer to continue to deliver regattas for our members while many other sports have not had that opportunity.

Should we see parents and supporters not following our guidelines we will need to reassess our plans and that could mean the removal of the opportunity for spectators to attend the regatta.

Should you have any questions please direct these to

2022-03-25 15:47:56
COVID-19: return to rowing guidance

Over the last few days, RNZ has received questions around what does return to rowing look like for students who have had covid. While there is some research done overseas at this stage within New Zealand there is very little. RNZ has worked with three medical practitioners to developed guidance for return to rowing (.pdf). Please review and if you have any questions contact Mark on either
021 132 4519 or

2022-03-17 13:17:12
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