Notices: Maadi Regatta

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2023 Maadi Regatta.

Coxswains race

Wave two: ????, BARA, IONA/STPC, ????, STPC

2023-03-29 16:49:37
Wednesday post-racing training

Training will be available from 5:00pm to 6:30pm this afternoon. Crews must register at the Numbers Hut (can be done throughout the day). Coaches will be needed to fill on-water safety roles.

2023-03-29 11:23:34
Coxswains race

At 4:30 this afternoon there will be an opportunity for crews of coxswains to race each other. Register at Secretary's Office.

2023-03-29 11:21:45
Medal presentations

Schools are advised that Maadi will see slightly different approaches used for crews to proceed to the dais (if they win a medal). This ensures that no boat check weighing takes place after any medal presentations.

If a crew wins a medal, that crew will be advised at the end of the race. Also:

+ If a crew is asked to have their boat check weighed, they will row to the pontoons to proceed to the boat weighing station. After check weighing they then walk to the medal dais or they can get back in their boat and row back to the dais (umpires will ensure that this is done in a safe manner and in between any applicable races).

+ If a crew is not required to have their boat check weighed, they can row to the dais as normal.

Note: generally, a medal presentation for an event will take place roughly 45 minutes after the start of the A Final for that event.

2023-03-02 12:13:58
Progression systems

With high anticipated entry levels, and no change to entry limits, the standard Maadi progression (NZSSRA's Option 7) will again not be able to be used for all events this year. Like in 2021 the older much more cutthroat progression will be used. (NZSSRA's Option 1)

However, Option 7 will be used for U18 events (excl U18 Nov). And Option 1 has been updated to improve fairness for entrants in events with 40+ entries (and to add C Finals, which it did not previously have).

2023-02-24 08:41:34
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