You might also be interested in results held from other times this regatta was run: 2016, 2015, 2008, 2007.

Results: NOEC Regatta

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

EventLaneClub (School)CrewPlace
Event No.1Men's Open/U21 4-Sponsored by: A.R McClintock (Builder)8.00am
no entries
Event No.2Women's Open/U21 2xSponsored by: Neil & Ellen Seaton8.10 am
Open1NOEC 1 (STHI)A Palmer, C Dyet2nd = 2 points
2QRCC 1N Shanks, E Fraser1st = 3 points
U212NOEC 2 (STHI)J Taylor, F Guthrie2nd = 2 points
3OGUC 1H Duggan, Z McBride1st = 3 points
Event No.3Women's U15 8+Sponsored by: Irene & Royce Wilson8.20 am
1COLC 1L. Cunningham, K Campbell, S Harrison, S Griffin,
T Mulholland, D. Selvarajah, M Darling, H Wright, E Shettler (cox)
2nd = 2 points
2NOEC 1 (STHI)C Shea, G Clarke, B Shea, L Sabonadiere, L Garden,
T Read, E Adams, M Burns, S Wyber (cox)
1st = 3 points
Event No.4Men's U17/U18 1xSponsored by: Hanan Family8.30 am
U181OTAC 2E Bruce2nd = 2 points
2NOEC 3 (OBHS)J McNicol1st = 3 points
U171OTAC 4D Hobson
2OTAC 1J O'Leary1st = 3 points
3OTAC 3A Yarnall2nd = 2 points
4NOEC 2 (OBHS)J Boyd
5PCUC 1J Howlett
6NOEC 1 (OBHS)J Waddell3rd = 1 point
Event No.5Men's Masters 4+Sponsored by: Lex Clark8.40 am
1NOEC 1M Thompson, M Jones, K Maker, M Waddell2nd = 2 points
2OTAC 1H Drijfhout, K Duggan, M Drijfhout, D Winton1st = 3 points
Event No.6Women's Club 4-8.55 am
no entries
Event No.7Women's U17/U18 2xSponsored by: Neil & Jeanette Burrow9.05 am
Division 1
U171COLC 1E Winders, A Angland1st = 3 points
2NOEC 2 (STHI)F Guthrie, C Dyet2nd = 2 points
3OTAC 3A Meikle, R Pitcaithly3rd = 1 point
4QRCC 1L Brown, L Crosland
U185OTAC 2A O'Leary, P McMullan1st = 3 points
Division 2
U171NOEC 3 (STHI)J Taylor, A Palmer1st = 3 points
2COLC 2H Wilson, P Morton2nd = 2 points
3PCUC 1A Densem, T Heineman-Livett3rd = 1 point
U184NOEC 2 (STHI)G Buchanan, E Smith2nd = 2 points
5OTAC 1H Duggan, Z McBride1st = 3 points
Event No.8Men's U16/Novice 8+Sponsored by: Les & Patricia Bennett9.15 am
Novice1NOEC 1 (OBHS)B Sinnamon, C Gordon, S Dippie, A Roydhouse,
J Holland, G Thomas, R Savage, T Bezett, G Hall (cox)
1st = 3 points
2NOEC 1 (KHSD)M Anderson, Q Hawthorne, S Van Der Weerden, J Mackenzie,
M Booth, M Freeman, J Buchanan, C Maker, T Seaton (cox)
2nd = 2 points
Event No. 9Men's U15 1xSponsored by: Darryl & Judy Monoghan9.25 am
1OTAC 1L Chittock
2NOEC 1 (OBHS)L Guthrie
3OTAC 3J Gibbons
4NOEC 4 (KHSD)T Grave1st = 3 points
5NOEC 3 (OBHS)C Lewis2nd = 2 points
6NOEC 2 (OBHS)B Alexander3rd = 1 point
7OTAC 2T Mee
8OTAC 4B Montegal (late entry)
Event No.10Women's U16/Novice 4+Sponsored by : Lauren Farnden - Roslyn Podiatry9.35 am
Novice1NOEC 1G Clarke, B Shea, L Garden, L Sabonadiere, S Wyber (cox)1st = 3 point
2COLC 1L. Cunningham, S Griffin, C Paddon, S Graham2nd = 2 points
U163NOEC 1S Stone, C Shea, C Paterson, B Hendry, M Knott (cox)1st = 3 points
Event No.11Men's Club 4xSponsored by: Fred Strachan9.50 am
1OTAC 1D Hedley, M Benton, M Drijfhout, Dirk ????1st = 3 points
Event No.12Women's Masters 2xSponsored by: Dunedin Marine Centre10.00 am
1NOEC 2H Knox, M Robson(scratched)
2OTAC 1M Winton, R Greer2nd = 2 points
3NOEC 1B Gerard, M Robson1st = 3 points
4OTAC 2H Drijfhout, M Drijfhout(husband & wife, no points)
5PCUC 1A Howlett & K Thompson3rd = 1 point
Event No.13Women's U17 & U18 8+Sponsored by: Timeless Tiles Ltd10.10am
U171NOEC 1 (STHI)Z Sabonadiere, C Shea, S Stone, M Burns, C Paterson,
T Read, E Adams, B Hendry, M Knott (cox)
1st = 3 points
Event No.14Men's Open/U21 1xSponsored by: Allan's Sheetmetal & Engineering Services Ltd10.20am
U211OTAC 2E Bruce1st = 3 points
2PCUC 1J Howlett2nd = 2 points
3OTAC 3A Yarnall3rd = 1 point
4NOEC 1H George3rd = 1 point
5OTAC 1J O'Leary1st = 3 points
6OGUC 1A Annear2nd = 2 points
Event No.15Men's U17& U18 4+Sponsored by: A. G. (Lex) Clark10.30am
U171NOEC 1C Lewis, T Chin, M McNamara, C Gordon, H Sinclair (cox)1st = 3 points
U182NOEC 2J McNicol, J Waddell, S Donaldson, J Boyd, H Ryan (cox)1st = 3 points
Event No.16Women's Open/U21 4xSponsored by: Irene & Royce Wilson10.45 am
U211NOEC 2G Buchanan, F Guthrie, T McNamara, B Hendry2nd = 2 points
2OTAC 1Z McBride, H Duggan, A O'Leary, P McMullan1st = 3 points
Open3NOEC 1A Palmer, E Smith, J Taylor C Dyet, S Wyber (cox)1st = 3 points
Event No. 17Women's U15 2xSponsored by: Roslyn Podiatry (Lauren Farnden)10.55am
Division 1
1QRCC 1R Homan, G Clydesdale
2OTAC 2K Pitcaithly, R Thomson3rd = 1 point
3NOEC 1T Read, E Adams1st = 3 points
4COLC 1O Anderson, S Griffin2nd = 2 points
Division 2
1OTAC 1P McBride, J Murphy2nd = 2 points
2NOEC 2Z Sabonadiere, M Burns1st = 3 points
3OTAC 4S Rendall, E Campbell
4OTAC 3H Bootten, A Blakey
5QRCC 1R Scott, J Atkinson3rd = 1 point
Event No. 18Men's Club 8+Sponsored by: Dave Hanan11.05am
1NOEC 1 (OBHS)J McNicol, J Waddell, S Donaldson, T Chin, M McNamara,
J Boyd, G Sammons, C Lewis, H Sinclair (cox)
1st = 3 points
Event No. 19Men's Masters 1xSponsored by: Dunedin Marine Centre11.15am
1OTAC 3D. Winton
2OTAC 1K Duggan2nd = 2 points
3NOEC 1K Maker1st = 3 points
4OTAC 2M Drijfhout3rd = 1 point
Event No. 20Men's U15 4+Sponsored by: Ellen & Neil Seaton11.25am
1NOEC 2 (OBHS)J Holland, G Thomas, G Donaldson, E Grant, G Hall (cox)
2OTAC 1L Chittock, W Kilkwood, O Sidey-Moore, T Mee, J Preston (cox)1st = 3 points
3OTAC 2J Gibbons, G Jones, H Hasselman, D Neild, T McConway (cox)3rd = 1 point
4NOEC 1 (OBHS)B Sinnamon, S Dippie, A Roydhouse, H Sinclair (cox)2nd = 2 points
Event No. 21Women's Masters 4xSponsored by: Fred Strachan11.40am
1OTAC 1M Winton, H Drijfhout, R Greer, K Duggan1st = 3 points
2NOEC 1H Knox, B Gerard, M Robson, M Thompson2nd = 2 points
Event No.22Women's U17 & U18 2-Sponsored by: Neil & Jeanette Burrow11.50am
U171OTAC 1A Meikle, R Pitcaithly1st = 3 points
2NOEC 1E Smith, T McNamara2nd = 2 points
Event No.23Men's U16/Novice 4x+Sponsored by: Les & Patricia Bennett12.00pm
U161NOEC 1 (OBHS)C Lewis, T Chin, M McNamara, B Alexander, H Sinclair (cox)1st = 3 points
Novice1NOEC 5 (KHSD)D Van Der Weerden, Q Hawthorne, M Freeman, M Anderson(scratched)
2OTAC 1L Chittock, W Kilkwood, O Sidey-Moore, T Mee, J Preston (cox)1st = 3 points
4OTAC 2T McConway G Jones, H Hasselman, D Neild, J Gibbons (cox)2nd = 2 points
5NOEC 3 (KHSD)T Grave, J McKenzie, M Booth, J Buchanan(scratched)
6NOEC 2 (OBHS)G Donaldson, T Bezett, T Savage, E Grant, G Hall (cox)3rd = 1 point
Event No. 24Men's Club 2xSponsored by: A R McClintock (Builder)12.10pm
1OTAC 1J O'Leary, E Bruce1st = 3 points
2NOEC 1 (OBHS)J McNicol J Waddell2nd = 2 points
3OTAC 2D Hedley, M Benton3rd = 1 point
4NOEC 3H George, Ryan ???
5NOEC 2 (OBHS)J Boyd, S Donaldson
Event No.25Women's Open/U21 8+Sponsored by: John Bayne - Serviceman12.20pm
U211NOEC 1 (STHI)J Taylor, F Guthrie, G Buchanan, T McNamara, E Smith,
B Hendry, A Palmer, C Dyet, S Wyber (cox)
1st = 3 points
Event No.26Women's U16/Nov 1xSponsored by: Hanan Family12.35pm
Division 1
U161PCUC 1T Heineman-Livett
2OTAC 3A O'Leary1st = 3 points
3OTAC 1R Pitcaithly2nd = 2 points
4NOEC 2C Paterson3rd = 1 point
Novice5COLC 1O Anderson1st = 3 points
Division 2
U161OGHS 1T Seaton3rd = 1 point
2OTAC 2A Meikle
3NOEC 2C Shea1st = 3 points
4NOEC 3Z Sabonadiere2nd = 2 points
5COLC 2P Morton
Novice6PCUC 1A Densem1st = 3 points
Event No. 27Men's Open/U21 2-Sponsored by: Fred Strachan12.45pm
Open1OGUC 1A Annear, J Evans1st = 3 points
U212NOEC 1 (OBHS)J McNicol, J Waddell1st = 3 points
3OTAC 1J O'Leary, E Bruce (late entry)2nd = 2 points
Event No.28Women's U15 4x+Sponsored by: Roslyn Podiatry (Lauren Farnden)12.55pm
1OTAC 2A Blakey, H Bootten, R Thomson, P McBride, M Stewart (cox)
2QRCC 1R Homan, G Clydesdale, R Scott, K Atkinson, cox (TBA)
3OGUC 1K Pitcaithly, S Rendall, J Murphy, E Campbell, S Gallagher (cox)2nd = 2 points
4NOEC 2J Landels, T Read, E Adams, M Burns, S Wyber (cox)1st = 3 points
5COLC 1T Mulholland, H Wright, K Campbell, S Harrison
6OTAC 3A Bolton, A Constable, C Constable, S Smith, G Scott (cox)
7NOEC 1G Clarke, C Maker, L Garden, L Sabonadiere, M Knott (cox)3rd = 1 point
8QRCC 2H Ketting, I Laing, A Picken, M Barker, cox (TBA)(didn't start, gear failure)
Event No.29Men's U16/Novice 2xSponsored by: Ellen & Neil Seaton1.05 pm
Division 1
Novice1OTAC 2Q Kilkwood, O Sidey-Moore3rd = 1 point
2OTAC 4H Hasselman, G Jones2nd = 2 points
3NOEC 3 (KHSD)S Van Der Weerden, M Anderson1st = 3 points
4NOEC 6Ryan ?? Josh ?? (scratched)
U164NOEC 2 (OBHS)L Guthrie, B Alexander1st = 3 points
Division 2
1OTAC 1L Chittock, T Mee(didn't start, no stratching)
2NOEC 5 (KHSD)Q Hawthorne, M Freeman1st = 3 points
3OTAC 3T McConway, D Neild2nd = 2 points
4NOEC 4 (KHSD)M Booth, J Buchanan3rd = 1 point
U163NOEC 1 (OBHS)T Chin, S Bezett1st = 3 points
Event No.30Women's Club 1x1.15 pm
Division 1
1COLC 1E Winders3rd = 1 point
2OTAC 1H Duggan2nd = 2 points
3OTAC 4P McMullan
4NOEC 1T McNamara
5OGUC 1N Shanks1st = 3 points
Division 2
1OTAC 2A O'Leary1st = 3 points
2OTAC 3K Pitcaithly3rd = 1 point
3NOEC 1B Hendry
4COLC 2A Angland2nd = 2 points
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