Notices: N.I.S.S.C.

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2023 N.I. Secondary School Championships.

Racing delay

Due to fog this morning races are starting 1 hour behind schedule. This will continue throughout the day. But coxswains are reminded they still have to weigh in to day sheet times.

2023-03-12 10:13:27
Short delay due to fog

The situation will be reviewed at 8:00am

2023-03-12 07:50:41
Supplementary Limit Raised

As of 6.30pm on Tuesday March 7, the limit per entity has been raised to 5.

2023-03-07 18:31:27
Supplementary Limit Raised

As of 7pm on Monday March 6, the limit per entity has been raised to 4.

2023-03-06 18:57:21
Supplementary Limit Raised

As of 7pm on Sunday March 5, the limit per entity has been raised to 3 (4 for octs and eights)

2023-03-05 18:59:31
Medal presentations

Schools are advised that NISSC will see slightly different approaches used for crews to proceed to the dais (if they win a medal). This ensures that no boat check weighing takes place after any medal presentations.

If a crew wins a medal, that crew will be advised at the end of the race. Also:

- If a crew is asked to have their boat check weighed, they will row to the pontoons to proceed to the boat weighing station. After check weighing they then walk to the medal dais.

- If a crew is not required to have their boat check weighed, they can row to the dais as normal.

Note: generally, a medal presentation for an event will take place roughly 35 minutes after the start of the A Final for that event.

2023-03-02 12:13:19

Schools are limited to a maximum of two crews in all events except eights and octuples, which have a limit of four.

Supplementary entries may be accepted for this regatta to fill vacant lanes on such terms and conditions as advised at the time of calling for such entries.

Late entries may be accepted at the sole discretion of Regatta Control.

2023-02-04 15:38:57
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