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Results: Norton Cup

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Regatta abandoned in the afternoon due to rising wind. Events 20-34 not raced.

Event #Event typeTime1st2nd3rdMarginsHORPETPORSTAWEL
1aWomens Open Pair9:00STA 1WEL 1PET 27s 22s142
1bWomens U19 PairWEL 2WEL 1WEL331s 35s7
2Womens U17 Single9:15HOR 2HOR 1STA 137s 19s61
Div 2WEL 2HOR 4HOR 322s 6s34
3aMens Club Coxed Quad9:30HOR 1WEL 1PET 120s 9s412
3bMens U17 Coxed QuadWEL 1WEL 221/2s6
4aMens Open Pair9:45HOR1PET1PET231/2s 16s43
4bMens U19 PairNO ENTRANTS
5Mens Novice Eight10:00WEL1WEL3at distance6
6aWomens Open Four10:10WEL1STAR1PET19s 5s124
6bWomens U19 FourPET1WEL1WEL?34s 36s43
7aWomens Club Coxed Quad10:20HOR1STAR1STAR21s 7s43
7bWomens U17 Coxed QuadWEL1STAR1WEL?21/2s 35s25
8Mens Club Single10:35PET2PET1HOR119s 7s16
Div 2HOR5HOR4POR38s 4s611
9aWomens Novice Double10:50STA2STA1POR12s 4s116
9bWomens U16 DoubleSTA1WEL1STA41/2s 4s52
10aMens Open Four11:00WEL1PET122s24
10bMens U19 FourNO STARTERS
11Mens Novice Coxed Quad11:10HOR1WEL146s42
12Womens Club Single11:20HOR1PET1POR117s 14s421
13Mens Club Eight11:30WEL1WEL2at distance6
14aWomens Open Double11:40STA1PET1PET24s 37s34
14bWomens U19 DoubleSTA3STA18s6
15aWomens Novice Coxed Quad11:55HOR1STA2WEL113s 21s421
15bWomens U16 Coxed QuadSTA2STA1WEL26s 25s61
Mens Open Quad12:10HOR1WEL1PET11s 1s41
16bMens U19 QuadNO STARTERS
17Womens Club Double12:25STA2HOR1POR19s 10s214
18Womens Open Eight12:40PET1WEL116s42
19Mens U17 Single12:55HOR1HOR2POR211s & distance61
20aMens Open Double13:10WGTN ROW OVER4
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