Notices: NZ Rowing Champs

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2015 NZ Rowing Championships.

Regatta Back On

Racing will commence at 7.50pm. Changes have been made to the race order, please check the Updated Daysheet.

2015-02-21 19:05:35
Disqualified crew: W Senior 2-

WRAC #1 was disqualified from the A final of event 20 for tampering with the weight of their boat (adding water to it) post-race before it was test weighed. The coaches of the crew were also trespassed from the regatta after becoming embroiled in an argument with officials following the decision.

2015-02-21 15:36:17
Thursday finals: day sheet revised

Please spread the word. The day sheet for finals racing this afternoon has been revised. The updated day sheet is online here

2015-02-19 10:18:35
Excluded crew: M Senior 2X

STAC #1 was excluded from heat 2 of event 44 for unsportsmanlike behaviour. It was decided the crew had made no attempt to race in its event; no racing start, and completing the course at nothing approaching race pace. Inappropriate conduct for a National Championships regatta.

2015-02-18 13:17:09
Excluded crew: M Club 1X

AVNC#4 was excluded from heat 2 of event 27 for not wearing club colours. The club had earlier sought a dispensation to race some crews in school colours. That request was turned down but the crew still turned up to start the race in school colours instead of club colours.

2015-02-18 13:06:25
Update programme of events

Some changes have been made to the Championships Programme of Events for the 2015 regatta. Club pairs have been added, U20 and U22 events have been adjusted, and the event order has been re-arranged. See this RNZ Article for more detail.

2015-01-27 10:07:36
Novice quad and Double

The FInal of the Men's Novice Quad is late on Thursday and the Novice Double early on Friday, this means the heats for these two would be close to each other, but the heats will be moved to create a reasonable separation.

2015-01-27 07:12:32
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